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Astell&Kern SP3000 Protective Leather Case (Emerald Green)

Astell&Kern SP3000 Protective Leather Case (Emerald Green)

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Since its establishment in 2012, DIGNIS has been renowned for its high quality and has continuously produced unique protective cases and accessories for major brands, including Astell&KernSONYOnkyo. The DIGNIS brand name comes from the Latin de' to start and iginis', the flame, which is the inspiration of the founder. A flame of hope, from the design concept to the finished product of each product, is taken from the user's perspective to bring the highest quality, practical and unique products to every corner of the market, so that every customer will receive a DIGNIS product. Everyone feels the passion connected to DIGNIS受、連繫到 DIGNIS 的熱誠。

This time, LECUTE has specially launched the Italian ALCANTARA suede version that is also used in Formula One racing cars. It has anti-dirty and breathable properties and a higher friction coefficient, which can provide good anti-slip ability. When paired with Minerva vegetable tanned leather, the design is more tense.上更顯張力。



Emerald GreenAlcantara + Minervaa
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