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AROMA Witch Girl W6.2 Loop Iron Hybrid In-Ear Headphones

AROMA Witch Girl W6.2 Loop Iron Hybrid In-Ear Headphones

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「The Witch Girl series has been launched for five years. In response to market changes and needs, we (AROMA Audio) decided to stop the production of Witch Girl Pro (also known as Witch Girl W6) and launch the second generation of Witch Girl Pro, Witch Girl W6. 2 W6.2 」。

The Witch Girl W6.2 is the second generation based on the Witch Girl Pro and still uses the same unit configuration as the Pro, that is, 4 moving iron units on each side and 2 8 mm moving coil units. Both units of the Witch Girl W6.2 are Using the latest version and the experience accumulated by AROMA Audio in the past five years has been used on the Witch Girl W6.2 to make this little witch more mature.身一變,變得更加「成熟」。
Witch Girl W6.2 this time uses a 4-pipe 3-way crossover design. Compared with the previous generation's 3-pipe design, the sound level will be richer and more delicate. Whether it is the three-band connection, the overall sound will be smoother會更加順滑。
In terms of sound, thanks to the newly adopted moving iron and moving coil unit, the sound potential of Witch Girl W6.2 has been strengthened again. Facing the challenges brought by the progress of the new unit, we have combined the experience of the past few years and put it into play here. The high frequency extension becomes brighter, the low frequency dives deeper and the sense of power is strengthened, while the density of the mid frequency is strengthened to avoid the overall sound of incongruity. The design of the airway and the double moving coil bring an excellent sense of air and spaciousness. The sound field is all designed to let users feel the natural sound用家感受到自然的聲音。
The shell still adopts a design that is almost similar to the first generation because we think the previous design has effectively avoided the fatigue caused by long-term wearing. The difference from the first generation is that the number on the inside of the shell starts with W6.2-XXXXXXXXXXX」。
The little witch's music feast is still going on行。
Headphone unit 6-unit moving iron unit 48 mm moving coil unit 2元 × 2)
4 conduit 3 way crossover音
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHzz
Sensitivity 110 dB@1kHzz
Impedance 10 ΩΩ

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We launched our award-winning Witch Girl Series 5 years ago. In light of the market demands, we will be releasing the successor to the Witch Girl Pro aka W6.

– Witch Girl W6.2. The W6.2 is built on the foundation of the Pro/W6 with similar driver configuration but utilizing new drivers. Our experience for the past 5 years comes in useful for this new product. The W6.2 will be using 4 sound tubes and 3 way crossover design. This new implementation provides a more musical experience. With the new drivers, the W6.2 has increased sonic potential.
– Sparkly Clear Highs, Focused Engaging Mids, Extended Punchy Lows. The dynamic drivers give a sense of air and spaciousness for the listener. The shell design will be the same as before as we feel it is very good for long listening sessions. The serial number will be in the format, W6.2-XXXXXX.
Hybrid Driver Configuration: 6 Drivers ( 4 Balanced Armature, 2 x 8mm Dynamic )
[ 4 Sound Tubes, 3-Way Crossover]
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Sensitivity: 110dB@1kHz
Impedance: 10Ω

Price: HKD 7,990

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