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Aroma A100 TRUE BALANCE Portable Balance Ear Amplifier

Aroma A100 TRUE BALANCE Portable Balance Ear Amplifier

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A100 TRUE BALANCE (hereinafter referred to as A100TB) is a comprehensive upgrade version of A100, and it is more specific and extreme. After the experience of A100, A100TB focuses on retaining features while carrying out a complete renovation of the internal circuit and chooses to only support 4.4mm balanced input and output衡輸入和輸出。

Different from A100, A100TB chooses to only support 4.4mm balanced input and output in response to market changes and circuit optimization considerations. The flexibility of input and output is discarded to make the sound cleaner and also have a sense of power and stereo.量感、立體度。

The appearance and production process of A100TB have also improved a lot. The optimization of the structure and the improvement of metal processing technology bring users a better experience. The well-designed appearance also makes it more refined and personalized.精緻與個性。

Product Features

The power supply circuit of A100TB has been greatly upgraded and optimized. The power supply has been added with a high-current and ultra-low noise voltage regulator filter circuit. The power supply ripple is controlled at the level of 20uV, and the main filter energy storage capacitor is expanded to 6800uF. The input of each unit is equivalent to direct battery supply. The ultimate power supply compared to the A100, its power supply is larger, and the purity is greatly improved, which is a qualitative leap高,是一個質的飛躍。

The amplifier circuit of A100TB is designed as a four-channel symmetrical fully balanced amplifier circuit. The overall structure of the circuit still maintains a two-stage inverting amplifier structure. The front-stage inverting amplifier circuit is responsible for the switching of signal gain. Compared with A100, its circuit is simplified and refined to get the purest and most authentic sound.為得到最純淨最真實的聲音。

The overall circuit design and component selection of A100TB have been substantially optimized and upgraded. The resistors in the audio circuit unit are all made of Vishay's precision wafer resistors and capacitors, and the PCB has been reasonably upgraded after comparing the parameters and sound. The circuit parameters of the immersion gold process are added. Repeated actual measurement and optimization adjustments have made various indicators of A100TB have a good improvement.均有不錯的提高。

The A100TB continues the design of quick-release replacement op amps, allowing users to toss and replace the op amps. A100TB uses USB Type-C to charge the A100TB. The back of the A100TB continues to retain the external power interface for connecting to AROMA PS100 or PS10 power supply to further enhance the sound音更進一步加強。

320mW - 16Ω
530mW - 32Ω
860mW - 100Ω
310mW - 300Ω
160mW - 600Ω
S/N ratio: 115dB @ 800mW 100Ω 1KHz
THD+N: 0.0006% @ 800mW 100Ω 1KHz
Resolution: 120dB @ 800mW 100Ω 1KHz
Noise Floor: 5μV
Support impedance: 16~600 Ω
Size: 121x69x30(mm)
Weight: 350 g

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