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ANIMA ANW01 True Wireless Headphones

ANIMA ANW01 True Wireless Headphones

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ANIMA ANW01 Wireless Headphones Arrived in Hong Kong港

ACG may be a part of many people's lives. Watching animations and listening to OSTs seems to have certain requirements for headphones, so a pair of beautiful headphones naturally adds points. The new Japanese headphone brand ANIMA is designed by packaging headphones. The sound is designed for all ACG fans. The two virtual characters drawn by Japanese painter Morikura Yuan and the sweet voice of the seiyuu voice assistant will provide you with functional navigation. The sound is supervised by the Japanese fever earphone brand Acoustune. Whether ACG fans or not, there is absolutely a reason to payG 迷,都絕對有理由課金。


Light meets soul

ANIMA is the Latin word for light and soul. It is named after it because it hopes to impress users with the music created by the musicians. As a sub-brand of Japanese audiophile earphones, Acoustune, ANIMA, which specializes in wireless earphones, hopes to make users feel the moving music more easily. The first wireless earphone ANW01 was launched. The body is small and on the ear. It has a higher level of IPX7 than ordinary earphones. The body is convenient for daily use and the most important acoustic design is of course supervised by Acoustune.Acoustune監修。




Popular artist draws packaging

In line with the anime theme ANW01, the packaging is very thoughtful, and the Japanese artist Marukura Morikura is specially invited to draw two virtual characters in the box. Marukura Morikura is good at designing characters. The characters born under her pen include the world's first popular virtual YouTuber Kizuna Love ANW01 The characters on the packaging also show the slender style of Morikura Maru, which is worth collecting風,值得收藏。




New development CoClear Diaphragm

Acoustune has been focusing on the development of moving coil units. With Acoustune's years of development experience, you can find the newly developed CoClear diaphragm specially developed for the small-diameter unit of wireless earphones on the ANW01. All have surging and shocking tones while clearly conveying sound details清晰傳送。


ACG Music Master Tuning

The quality of Acoustune's acoustic design is of course useless, so ANW01 came to tune for the famous Japanese musician Takuya Inoue in the game animation industry. His works include Tekken THE IDOLM@STER, etc. He has collaborated with singers including DAOKO May'n, etc., so the sound of ANW01 is naturally easier Impress all ACG fans易打動一眾 ACG 迷。


exclusive app play outThree tuning styles

In addition to the overall tuning of ANW01, Takuya Inoue has designed three preset sound styles, which can be freely switched in the ANIMA Studio mobile app, including the preset MIDNIGHT, which emphasizes low frequencies, and the softer DAY, which can be used in different situations.配合不同情況使用。


Voice actor voice navigation

Many wireless earphones use sound effects or voice prompts to operate the prompt function of ANW01, and the sweet voices of three voice assistants are preset. Can be replaced with 17-year-old ANIMA-00βAIMY and 13-year-old ANIMA-00γ AIKAγ AIKA。


In the future, it is expected to launch a paid expansion voice pack recorded by popular voice actors. The first part will be recorded by Eriko Nakamura, who dubs THE IDOLM@STER character Haruka Tianhai. The attraction is irresistible.難以抵擋!


ANW01 Key Points and Product Specifications

– Popular illustrator Marukura Morikura's packaging works include the world's first virtual YouTuber Kizuna Ai愛

– Acoustune supervises the newly developed CoClear diaphragm 6mm driver, the sound is surging and clear清晰

– ACG music master Takuya Inoue's tuning tone is more in line with the needs of music fans要

– Exclusive app to play with three tuning styles to suit different situations用

– Voice actress voice navigation is more popular voice actress Eriko Nakamura recording options擇


Unit 6mm moving coil unit元
Bluetooth version Bluetooth 5.1.1
Audio format AAC / SBC / aptXX
Talk time and music playback:
6 hours (earphones) / 15 hours (with charging case)
Charging time 90 minutes (earphones) 180 minutes (charging case)盒)
Waterproof specification IPX77

Headphone weight 8gg
Charging box weight 24gg
Charging case size 55 33 25 mm mm
color black and white、白
Suggested retail price HKD 9800

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