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Astell&Kern AK ZERO 2 four-unit hybrid headphones

Astell&Kern AK ZERO 2 four-unit hybrid headphones

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Astell&Kern is committed to providing authentic and original sound concepts, which are implemented in its high-definition music player products. AK ZERO 1, the first in-house researched and developed headset, adheres to the brand's sound philosophy and writes a new chapter for the brand.

AK ZERO 2 is a professional headphone that adopts pioneering acoustic technology. Based on the development experience of AK ZERO 1, it adopts exquisite crossover network design and acoustic basket chamber to drive four completely different units to produce a synergistic effect, presenting Astell&Kern’s leading sound. Proud of authentic sound.

feature of product

Specially designed miniature square flat panel unit
The flat moving coil unit is extremely rare on the market. It is a unit specially designed to transmit high frequencies. Its small size allows the unit to be easily placed closer to the duct, allowing the magnet to be placed in the most ideal position and allowing maximum space for movement. , which can greatly reduce distortion in sound, retain the details in music and improve the degree of restoration. In addition to the size advantage, the unit adopts a metal film design, which not only greatly improves the rigidity of the diaphragm, but also brings more vivid high frequencies due to its precise design.

Double customized brake arm x2
Two sets of custom-made double moving iron units: two moving irons provide ultra-low distortion, clear mid-low frequency vocals, and the other set provides a balanced and rich full-range sound, tuned to coordinate each frequency range, playing Harmonious sound.

10mm moving coil/piezoelectric transducer
The 10mm moving coil unit of AK ZERO 2 is produced using a fully automatic process. It has stable and reliable quality and brings out rich and deep low frequencies. In the unit design, the brand cleverly uses piezoelectric transducers to operate together with the moving units to produce mutual synergy and produce linear and bright high-frequency sounds.

low noise partial network
An ultra-fine crossover network achieves perfect balance between the six drivers with their own unique sonic characteristics, maximizing their acoustic properties while creating a balanced and harmonious sound.

3D printed acoustic basket chamber
Each unit is optimally placed in a sound chamber created through sophisticated 3D printing technology. This design eliminates the effects of undesirable resonances and ensures that ZERO 2’s tone is perfectly played.

CNC aluminum metal housing
The casing is made using Astell&Kern's advanced aluminum processing technology, which limits resonance to produce stable, high-quality sound.

Hi-Fi grade pure silver plated oxygen-free copper wire
AK ZERO 2 is equipped with pure silver-plated oxygen-free copper wire to maximize the performance of the headphones. The wire core is made of high-purity silver plating and copper. The aluminum plug further connects the overall design style.

Made in Japan
Each pair of AK ZERO2 is carefully assembled by experienced professional technicians and produced in our state-of-the-art facilities in Japan, through a strictly managed process to provide you with the highest quality.

Specially made miniature square flat panel unit × 1
Customized moving iron unit×4
10mm moving coil × 1 (with piezoelectric transducer)

Body material
aluminum metal

Frequency response

105dB@1KHz (1mW)


total harmonic distortion

Four-strand silver-plated oxygen-free copper wire (MMCX/3.5mm)
Four-strand silver-plated oxygen-free copper wire (MMCX/4.4mm)

Made in Japan
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