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ag COTSUBU for ASMR Ultra-Light True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (Zhoufang Patra Edition Black)

ag COTSUBU for ASMR Ultra-Light True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (Zhoufang Patra Edition Black)

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Suo Patra sound design optimized for ASMR content

The sound quality is specially designed for ASMR, allowing you to clearly feel the distance and presence of sounds, breaths and voices contained in the content. On the basis of conventional sound quality, this model is further optimized for the content of Sopatra, resulting in a sound quality design that allows you to feel the texture and direction of the sound. For example, in the content of the hair washing scene, the sound is very detailed, and the movement and position of the fingers behind the head can be confirmed through the sound, achieving a high amount of information and a sense of positioning.

The second edition includes the new original recording by Zhou Fang Patra - 14 kinds of "Whisper Guidance Voice" voice induction, such as "こんばんわんわん" and other 14 different voices, showing her slightly more mature side, allowing you to be fully immersed In the world of ASMR.

Equipped with new function "Secret Voice Mode"
In response to Zhou Fang Patra's passionate wish: "Convey my feelings to as many people as possible." So the new feature "Secret Voice Mode" was born. Activate separately from voice guidance, giving users a new and special experience. When you control the earphones, the information in the three sounds will be played randomly. When the heart-pounding information comes to your ears, you will receive unexpected auditory surprises.
"Secret Voice Mode" is activated separately from the guided voice. When you operate the console, the information in 3 sounds will be played randomly.
This new feature was developed in response to Suo Patra's passionate desire to "convey my feelings to as many people as possible!"

Special body and packaging design for Zhou Defense Supervision

In addition to the basic performance of "COTSUBU for ASMR" that has become a standard ASMR wireless headset, the main body design also features calm original colors and the original mark of BLACK & GOLD supervised by Suo Patra.
The packaging is of special specification, signed and original hallmarked, designed to give it a mature look.

In order to allow users to truly experience the texture and direction of sound, this time the sound quality design is tailor-made for Patra ASMR, and the black and pink version is further optimized on the basis of the previous generation. In the hair washing scene, the detailed sound allows you to sense the movement and position of the fingers behind your head through the sound, and get a clear sense of positioning. Let you enter a new auditory world, feel the distance between voice, breathing and sound, and enjoy this sound journey full of details and three-dimensionality.

product specifications
Product name: COTSUBU for ASMR Patra Edition-BLACK Ver.-
Communication method: Bluetooth®5.2
Reproduction frequency band: 20Hz-20kHz
Supported codecs: SBC, AAC, Qualcomm® aptX™ Audio
Supported profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
Continuous music playback time headphones: up to 5 hours
With case: up to 20 hours
Headphone body charging time: about 1.5 hours
Case: about 2 hours
Headphone body battery capacity: 30mAh
Case: 200mAh
Waterproof performance IPX4
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