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Acoustune ST2000 Custom Headphones

Acoustune ST2000 Custom Headphones

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Acoustune's flagship HS2000MX, the CM enhanced version ST2000, can also be replaced and the cavity can be customized to fit the user's ear canal. The body will also have a new model ACT03. The new Myrinx unit revolves around the"wood"element. The brass shell is also made of sandalwood. There are wood elements from the inside to the outside. Does it sound warmer?

In addition to the ST2000 CM plan that new users can purchase, existing HS2000MX users can also enjoy a discounted price of $6000 to purchase the CM upgrade plan (the finished product only includes the CM earphone case).
The price is valid until September 30, 2022, please contact us for details and reserve your place.

List of service charges

New user new user

CM Shell, ACT03 Chamber (Brass/Red Sandalwood), Cable included
Including CM headphone shell, ACT03 cavity (brass/red sandalwood), headphone cable


Existing HS2000MX user Existing HS2000MX users

CM Shell included
Includes CM headphone case

*Requires presentation of purchase receipt and earphones
*Each pair of HS2000MX existing users can only participate in the ST2000 plan once at a discounted price
*Promotion period ends on September 30, 2022


** The number of ST2000 CMs produced is limited to 20 per month, while the quota is available.
** Earmolds must be made in designated centers, and the upgrade fee includes earmold production at designated centers.
** ST2000 is a customized product. After the order information and details are confirmed, there is no cancellation, change or refund for this product.
**ST2000 takes about 12 weeks to make (after receiving the ear mold). The actual time depends on the situation, and the production time is for reference only.
** The ST2000 has a 1 year warranty. It does not include damage to the earphones caused by wet water, heat, extrusion, modification, disassembly and other abnormal conditions.
** ST2000 service cannot be restored to HS2000MX.

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