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Acoustune RS THREE In-Ear Headphones

Acoustune RS THREE In-Ear Headphones

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King of the stage! There is always the blessing of the music director, arranger, and recording engineer at the back, and a pair of"quasi"and"neutral"MONITOR headphones are the standard, absolutely indispensable! There are few pairs of ear monitor performance headphones in the headphone market that can truly achieve recording performance, but Acoustune, who has rich experience in making headphones, finally created a pair and used the new Myrinx EL-S medical unit, the linear and straight RS THREE - Monitor series.

- Equipped with the new 9.2mm Myrinx EL-S driver for tuning for music production
- Myrinx EL-S is more accurate than Myrinx units, is extremely rigid, and has the ability to monitor high-res sources
- Withstands up to 250mW source input, and remains intact in the face of powerful transient units
- Highly sturdy body, resistant to impact, heat and sweat
- 1.8m long version ARM011L, the wire is made of high-purity Litz Wire and Kevlar bulletproof fiber, with double-shielded, twisted-pair 4-core structure
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