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Acoustune HS2000MX MKIII flagship headphones

Acoustune HS2000MX MKIII flagship headphones

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【 For the first time, Acoustune products are given the nickname ShengShoho】
「Sho is a bamboo wind instrument used in traditional Japanese music. It is a particularly beautiful instrument. It has short notes called itchiku and chords called aitake. Its timbre is said to represent the light of heaven. This time we wanted the HS2000MX to sound like a sho. The beautiful sound sho is also called hosei because its shape reminds us of a phoenix spreading its wings and about to take flight.它的形狀讓我們想起一隻展翅欲飛的鳳凰。

HS2000MX MKIII is the flagship model of Acoustune's latest dynamic technology. This technology is based on the latest design concepts and adopts Acoustune's new materials and technologies in previous limited products.技術。

  • The new ACT47 Chamber is made of sterling silver.殼。
  • The second-generation Myrinx Composite dynamic unit diaphragm is made of medical-grade polymer biomaterials, and a Japanese-made beryllium film is used in the upper sound dome position.薄膜。
  • New silver and black shell color。
  • Brand new ARX500 cable with eight twists, silver-plated OFC and ultra-fine OFC design and replaceable source plug插頭。
  • Brand new bamboo box packaging and Carrying Case。
  • Comes with three types of ear gels AEX70AEX50AEX0707。
  • Made in Japan

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Myrinx Composite Dynamic Driver Japanese Beryllium Film Dome
Continuing with the tradition of Acoustune headphone drivers, Myrinx's diaphragm is made from medical-grade polymer biomaterials. The dome is made from beryllium film made in Japan. This material has never been used in traditional products due to a combination of availability, mass production and cost.品中使用過。

In addition to the dynamic driver's smooth linear reproduction and rich bass, the highly rigid metal dome dampens resonance and delivers tight, controlled bass like a well-coordinated orchestra.樂隊一樣。

Acoustune Module Technology ACT.)
One of the main features of the Acoustune series so far has been its modular structure. The acoustic chamber and the mechanical housing are completely separated. Now the modular structure has been further developed. By opening and closing the removable housing with high precision and noiselessness, the user can replace the acoustic chamber. Chamber for future selection and upgrade. The new chamber ACT47 is made of sterling silver and focuses on high-frequency extension. The unique resonance point has an unprecedented noble tone.擁有從未如此的貴氣音色。

ARX500 cable for Full Balance線材
In terms of wires, we used Acoustune's latest generation ARX500 series wires. After repeated attempts on the number of wire cores and braiding methods, taking into account the perfection of the wires and the balance of the entire headset, we finally adopted the ARX500 series. The ARX500 series uses silver-plated OFC wires and ultra-high quality wires. The 8-core hybrid structure of the thin OFC cable and the Pentaconn Ear connector use high-precision metal parts in addition to the connector splitter and headphone jack to make the entire headset harmonious and create a luxurious feel. The ARX500 can be used in Disassembled Φ3.5 and Φ4.4 plugsΦ3.5 和 Φ4.4 插頭。

New ear gel using shape memory polymer from SMP iFitSMP Technologies型耳膠
AEX50& AEX70 The eargels have a double-wing shape. Wide wings compared to standard earplugs provide a greater contact area with the skin at the entrance of the ear canal. The material retains its shape when worn. Plus it fits snugly at the entrance of the ear canal. This means that it It does not need to be inserted too deep, which reduces the discomfort. In addition, due to the position of the earplugs, the space volume in the ear canal increases and a different sound field can be perceived from ordinary earplugs.與普通耳塞不同的音場。
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