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Acoustune hs1300ss black soul edition

Acoustune hs1300ss black soul edition

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Metal next generation - ACOUSTUNE HS 1300 SS

Acoustune has been very popular since it launched with the double-layer metal design of the HS1500 series. Later, it used different metal shells and unit technologies to launch a variety of mid-to-high-end models, creating a series of headphones with unique sounds. This time Acoustune decided to expand its product line and launch positioning. The more entry-level HS1300SS is improved from the HS1500 series and uses a new casing design to make this entry-level machine have a better wearing feel and sound than before. It continues the high quality and cost-effective performance of Acoustune Japan.高品質及高性價比表現。

feature of product
New generation cabinet design
The shells of each generation of HS series headphones have been fine-tuned and improved, and the latest HS1300SS has undergone a major transformation. The aluminum box for mounting the socket and the stainless steel box for the mounting unit are both made with CNC technology. The stainless steel box has a quality comparable to that of titanium. The hardness of the metal has an excellent damping effect, and the two cabinets are completely independent and separated to minimize mutual interference. In addition to more thoroughly implementing the concept of double-layer shells in the design, HS1300SS also specially lengthens the headphone tube and adds 2way Nozzle. The design has two slots on the tube to fix the ear gels. It can be worn comfortably and securely regardless of whether the user's auricles are large or small. In terms of color, the red and blue colors of HS1551CU are once again chosen. This is the most important for Acoustune. model tributetune 來說最重要的型號致敬。

The new unit is improved for stainless steel boxes
Acoustune headphones have always used self-developed Myrinx dynamic units. The HS1551CU used a brass cabinet and the 3rd generation Myrinx unit to create a full and warm tone. For the stainless steel cabinet used in the HS1300SS, Acoustune specially developed the 3.5th generation Myrinx unit to develop the 4th generation. The latest technology re-examines the design of the diaphragm surface texture coil magnet set and re-tunes the unit, so that the HS1300SS has a bright and powerful low-frequency performance, a wide and open sound field, and fresh vocals, which is particularly outstanding when listening to Japanese and Korean pop music.的人聲,聽日韓流行曲特別出眾。

Special pure copper Pentaconn Ear headphone cable
HS1300SS uses the Pentaconn Ear swapping plug, which is designed for high-end in-ear headphones. It is more stable and durable than MMCX. The plug and socket are in closer contact with each other and has better conductivity. It is also simpler and more convenient to install and remove than MMCX, which reduces the chance of accidental damage to the plug. The wire that follows the machine is Acoustune's latest 8-twist headphone cable ARC61 developed for HS1300SS. It is composed of 366 fine OFC copper materials. The core impedance of each strand is extremely low, resulting in rich low-frequency content from the headphones.引發出耳機豐富的低頻量。

10mm 3.5th generation Myrinx dynamic driver

Frequency response
10Hz 25kHzz


32 Ohms

ARC61 headphone cable 4 types/9 pairs AET ear gel portable box headphone cable clip機線夾
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