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Acoustune ARX220 headphone upgrade cable

Acoustune ARX220 headphone upgrade cable

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Acoustune releases for the first time the upgraded cable "ARX220" with "pure silver" material. It uses genuine sterling silver mixed OFC copper wire core. The most special feature is the extended version of the PE headphone plug. It comes with a pair of adapters with thin rings that can be used with traditional PE short connectors.

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The wire body is designed with new metal parts to prevent slipping. It is made of SUS316 non-magnetic material, which greatly reduces oxidation. The new wire core configuration is composed of a mixture of pure silver wire and silver-plated OFC copper wire. This configuration can bring wider bipolar extension to all frequency ranges. The exquisite embossed image of OFC copper, especially in the treble extension this time, really has a very detailed tail tone, and the channel steel material is genuine Japanese PVC, which can Reduce touch noise and auscultation effects.

OFC copper silver plated

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