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ACOUSTUNE AEX50 In-Ear Upgraded Eargel

ACOUSTUNE AEX50 In-Ear Upgraded Eargel

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Acoustune AEX50 is a new type of ear gel made with Japanese SMP iFit® shape memory polymer. In 2008, SMP Technologies introduced a polymer called Shape Memory Polymer (SMP), which is transparent and elastic to fit snugly in the ear canal. The AEX50 is designed with a double wing shape. Compared with standard ear gels, the wide ear wings increase the contact area between the ear canal entrance and the skin. And because the material retains its shape when worn, it means that it can fit snugly at the entrance of the ear canal even without deep insertion. In addition to increasing comfort, it also brings a different sound field performance from other ear gels because of the increased space in the ear canal.

The product has a new packaging design and an independent ear gel storage box, which is convenient for users to collect and organize ear gel products of different sizes.

Size options:XS, S, M, L, XL

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