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Acoustune*ACT04* dedicated cavity

Acoustune*ACT04* dedicated cavity

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Acosutune's new HS2000MX special cavity ACT04 is launched 🤫

Made of SUS stainless steel with laminated reinforced birch wood, made with the previously unveiled Myrinx WS unit. Among them, Myrinx WS has also been re-tuned, making ACT04 more suitable for studio recording and electronic music!

"When the sound is only open for less than an hour, the ACT04 has unparalleled dynamics. The stainless steel cavity further reduces the resonance and can withstand higher sound pressure than before. Using birch as the tuning, the sound is more vivid and the sound is like that of big headphones. Spatial and image reduction degree..."

The above is the initial listening experience of a senior user.

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