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64 Audio Duo In-Ear Headphones

64 Audio Duo In-Ear Headphones

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64 Audio's latest model Duo is a dual-driver hybrid design. The Duo uses a complete Tia system, Apex CoreWave Sync and LID, to present 64 Audio's signature balanced sound in a new way. Powered by the new patented APEX Core technology, the Duo perfectly solves the problem of open-structure isolation while providing You bring the most realistic sense of scene and space. The powerful sound energy fills the entire sound field, allowing you to easily have an immersive listening experience.身歷其境的聆聽體驗。

feature of product

The full name of tia is Tubeless In-ear Audio, also known as tubeless in-ear tia system. The entire structure of the tia system is mainly composed of three parts, including the open design moving iron unit tia driver to eliminate ear tube resonance tia single bore design and controllable and tia acoustic chambers to improve unit performancetic chambers。

In principle, the open design of the tia driver is similar to the traditional speaker design, and it transmits sound directly and without hindrance in a direct-radiating way. It reduces the unnecessary vibration and resonance caused by the traditional closed-type traditional moving iron design, and makes the sound transmission more direct and distorted. Minimized and the tia single bore design is to make the large-diameter catheter into the sound chamber of the tia driver, so that the tia driver is closer to the ear canal and the output is more direct while avoiding unnecessary resonance and distortion problems in the tube必要的諧振與失真問題。

Apex Core is a deeper understanding of air movement within an earphone system. Duo’s faceplate features a striking perforated grill that leaves the shell of the IEM open to the outside atmosphere for a less obstructed airflow resulting in an effortless reproduction of music and minimal physical fatigue.

Due to the high crossover point between the two drivers, Wave Sync was developed to ensure coherence; another industry first. By using a type of all-pass filter, we're able to introduce a crossover while correcting for time without having to change the physical distance between the drivers.s.

Driver Type/Count
2 Drivers - One dynamic driver and one balanced armature driver
Driver Configuration
1 tia high, 1 dynamic low
Frequency Response
20Hz 20KHzz
98dB/mW (98dB @ 1kHz @ 1mW (95mV)
Integrated 2-way passive crossover
-12dB internal apex technology
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