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1MORE SleepBuds Z30 sleep headphones

1MORE SleepBuds Z30 sleep headphones

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【 Help you fall asleep with sweet dreams - the new 1MORE SleepBuds Z30 sleep headphones 】

The quality of sleep definitely affects the mental mood of the day and even the health of the body and soul, so improving the quality of sleep is very important at the same time. 1MORE has begun to launch different series of ComfoBuds series focusing on comfortable wearing experience, the EVO series is the first in sound quality, and the Fit for sports. The series also includes the noise-cancelling SonoFlow series of headsets. This year’s newly added SleepBuds series Z30 are earphones designed for sleep. With an ultra-compact body and a specially designed soothing sound quality style, you can immerse yourself in music and fall asleep easily.,讓你沉醉在音樂中輕鬆入眠。

  • The ultra-mini body never presses your ears when sleeping on your side耳。
  • Sound insulation performance up to -24dB effectively blocks environmental noise音。
  • Through the 1MORE MUSIC APP, you can play comfortable melodies to help you fall asleep.眠。
  • The APP has a built-in custom playback time function that can automatically stop playing music to aid sleep melody.旋律。
  • Equipped with antibacterial ear gel for long-term use。

feature of product

The moving iron unit has clear tone

The newly designed full-range armature unit is the best match for the SleepBuds mini body, providing a balanced and natural tone with rich details and fresh and pleasant tone. It is most suitable for listening to the soft music and natural ambient sounds that are most commonly listened to when falling asleep.就最為適合。

Focus on sleep design

In addition to 30 immersive sound effects such as breeze, bamboo forest wind and outer space, in order to implement SleepBuds and focus on listening before going to bed and make the body more compact, the microphone is removed and the call function is not supported to reduce any situation that affects sleep, allowing you to get more The best sleep-soothing effect helps you fall asleep with sweet dreams. You can instantly relax and enjoy the peaceful sleep you have always wanted at your fingertips.一直渴望的寧靜睡眠。

Super mini body suitable for side sleeping

I believe many friends have tried wearing headphones to sleep, but when sleeping, the protruding headphones will make people feel uncomfortable when they turn around and sleep on their sides. In order to allow everyone to sleep peacefully all night long, the flat body design of SleepBuds can be completely hidden in the ears. It will protrude without any pressure when sleeping on your side. The body of the earphones is also extremely small and light. Compared with the famously small ComfoBuds Mini, the volume is smaller. Each earphone only weighs 2.7g. It is as light as a piece of A4 paper and feels like nothing when put on the ear.4 紙,戴上耳朵輕如無物。

A good helper for daily breaks

In addition to being comfortable to wear, SleepBuds also have extraordinary sound-isolating pipes that can fit tightly into the ear canal and block up to 24dB of ambient noise. You can focus on listening to music and have a quiet space even if you turn off the music. It can effectively block your partner's snoring every night when you fall asleep in the office and car. You can also enjoy a moment of tranquility by yourself during your break.亦可獨享片刻寧靜。

Comfortable melodies to help you fall asleep

As headphones for sleep, install the 1MORE MUSIC APP on your phone and connect it to SleepBuds. Users can choose 30 natural songs with noise-blocking effects to help you fall asleep. You can also customize the playback time. Turn off the headphones after falling asleep. You can also choose to turn on the soothing sound quality in the APP. Style makes your favorite music a little more peaceful and easy to fall asleep一點,輕鬆入眠。

Two playback modes

1MORE has specially added two music playback modes to SleepBuds to provide different sound experiences. All you need to do is open the 1MORE MUSIC APP and connect to SleepBuds to instantly select a rhythmic music mode and an average and more durable sleep mode, allowing users to choose according to their music needs. Music playback mode that suits you音樂播放模式。

Antibacterial ear gel suitable for long-term use

Wearing earphones for a long time while sleeping in a closed environment will increase the humidity in the ears and easily breed bacteria. In order to keep the ear gels clean and hygienic, SleepBuds has adopted ear gels that meet EU standards and have an antibacterial rate of over 99% to effectively inhibit bacterial growth.抑制細菌生長。



Full frequency moving iron unit x1


Bluetooth 5.33

Bluetooth protocol


Play time music mode式)

About 6 hours with headphones時
Approximately 24 hours of use with the charging box時

Play time sleep mode式)

Headphones last about 8 hours時
Approximately 32 hours of use with the charging box時

Charging time

about 80 minutes


60 x 30 x 38.5mm



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