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1MORE PistonBuds PRO Q30 Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones

1MORE PistonBuds PRO Q30 Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones

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In such a fierce market competition environment and demanding user needs, as a "top student" who has been deeply involved in various hard-core black technologies in the field of headphones - 1MORE Wanmo launched the "King-level" open sports Bluetooth headset Wanmo in June this year. After the S50, a new 1MORE Piston Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset Q30 was launched on October 23 that costs only $380 but has thousand-yuan noise reduction capabilities and sound quality. The launch of the new product close to Double Eleven shows Wanmo’s confidence, ambition and sincerity towards consumers in this product. Next, let’s take a look at how hardcore this Wanmo Q30 is.

First of all, as a model with hard-core noise reduction function as its biggest highlight, the Wanmo Q30 has indeed taken the noise reduction function to the extreme this time. The QuietMaxTM intelligent dynamic noise reduction function has an outstanding level of resistance to impact, which can be obtained through calculation models. Wider noise reduction frequency band distribution, larger area, which means the noise reduction is deeper and wider. To exaggerate, it is no different from "deaf" when wearing it. Its intelligence is reflected in various noise reduction modes such as dynamic noise reduction, deep noise reduction and comfort noise reduction, so that it can match more appropriate noise reduction modes according to the different environments in which the wearer is located. In particular, the dynamic noise reduction function can intelligently identify noise conditions through the headset's calculation model to match a more appropriate noise reduction depth, bringing a more comfortable noise reduction experience without excessive noise reduction, and can well balance ear pressure. This A little bit is enough to make consumers happy.

For multiple scenes with different strong and weak noise, such as subway stations, cafes, offices, and outdoors, Q30 can also achieve customized noise reduction modes for all scenes. The deep noise reduction mode is specially designed to deal with strong noise environments. The comfortable noise reduction mode can bring a more comfortable noise reduction experience to the wearer in indoor weak noise environments such as offices and cafes. The anti-wind noise mode is not used on windy days outdoors. Worry about not being able to hear clearly due to wind noise during a call. In addition, it also supports transparency mode, which allows the wearer to communicate with colleagues and friends normally without taking off the headphones.

In addition to the well-known noise reduction function, Wanmo, which has always been famous for its "sound quality", is also very willing to control the sound quality of the Q30. This Q30 is equipped with the diamond-like diaphragm that Wanmo has always used on high-end models, which can present rich timbre and delicate sound field. Whether it is the silky and soft high frequency, or the full and powerful mid-low frequency, Wanmo Q30 can perfectly present it. Whether you are listening to music, watching TV shows, or playing games, you can capture the detailed sound quality in any listening scene. Moreover, the spatial sound effect capability of cinema-level experience makes the wearer extremely immersed. For consumers who have absolutely demanding requirements in terms of sound quality, Q30 is simply their only "new organ". In addition to the blessing of two "black technologies" such as noise reduction and sound quality, Wanmo Q30 is also quite excellent in terms of battery life, waterproofing, gaming experience, and body design. The high-performance battery used in Wanmo Q30 headphones can provide up to 30 hours of battery life when fully charged. It takes 10 minutes to charge and can be used for 2 hours. The smart in-ear detection function allows the wearer to automatically pause playback when taking off the headphones to save power, which is very convenient. In addition, this headset is IPX5 waterproof. If you wear it for sports parties or outdoor parties, you don’t have to worry about the headphones being soaked by sweat or not being usable due to light rain.

For gaming scenarios, Wanmo Q30 has a 0.08-second senseless game time-lapse experience. Whether it is shooting, combat or strategy games, you can enjoy sound effects that are perfectly synchronized with the screen. This synchronized performance makes people more immersed in the game and feel the atmosphere and tension of the real battlefield. This feature is really good news for serious mobile game lovers. Available in black and white, the versatile and fashionable appearance matches the ergonomically designed headphone body, making it stylish and comfortable to wear. The four words "near perfect" are used on this Q30, and it deserves the title.
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