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1MORE PistonBuds Pro Active Noise Cancelling True Wireless Headphones

1MORE PistonBuds Pro Active Noise Cancelling True Wireless Headphones

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If you see the word Piston, if you have watched the NBA, you should think of the Detroit basketball team. But from now on, there may be another association. It is a Bluetooth headset with high CP. Many of the headsets produced by 1MORE are available in Asia, Europe and America. There are many supporters in terms of tuning or operation, even in appearance and wearing feeling. Stepping into the first launch of PistonBuds Pro in 2022, it has the most popular noise reduction function and titanium metal moving coil unit, and Sonarworks studio calibration technology Blessing is like a piston on your ear that blocks external noise and beautiful music can be delivered to your ear without hindrance噪音阻擋,美妙音樂就可以無阻送入耳中。

  • QuietMax double-fed noise reduction Noise isolation up to 38dB
  • The whole machine four-mic call noise reduction DNN intelligent algorithm HD anti-wind noise噪
  • Full-range aviation titanium sound unit場
  • Overall battery life of 30 hours, fast charge for 5 minutes, listening to music for 1 hour時
  • 90ms senseless game delay
  • 12 studio-quality effects Sonarworks sound calibration technology

feature of product

Simple black and white classic

It is both an earplug and really very similar to the piston in a car engine. PistionBuds Pro, whether it is the charging box or the earphone itself, is very consistent with the same color glossy matte body design. CD textures let you enjoy music both visually and audibly同樣享受音樂。

With ergonomic design, medical ear canal data and 33-angle in-ear design are stable and fit the ear canal. It is very comfortable to wear for a long time and does not fall easily.而且不易掉落。

38dB dual feed noise reduction

Starting from ANC TWSEHD9001TA, the 1MORE development team has demonstrated how they can reduce noise. The QuietMax dual-feed active noise reduction technology used in this PistionBuds Pro is a combination of the results of several generations of noise reduction products, which can effectively eliminate noise up to 38dB while taking into account outstanding noise reduction. The best balance between high-definition sound quality之間,作出最好的平衡。

With the dedicated mobile application 1MORE MUSIC APP, different modes such as noise reduction, wind noise resistance and transparency can be set. Whether it is cycling, running or walking, it is free from external interference and can be switched at any time to obtain external information.切換獲取外界資訊。

Noise reduction for calls

In addition to the sense of hearing, PistionBuds Pro also takes into account the quiet voice. Two radio microphones are added on each side of the left and right earphones. With the DNN deep neural network learning technology, the AI algorithm filters the environmental noise during the call, and also strengthens the anti-wind noise design to reduce environmental noise. Avoid unavoidable wind noise and improve call quality. This new algorithm provides unprecedented call clarity for products in the same price range. Whether you have an online meeting at home or in a crowded environment, the other party can clearly hear the conversation. standard訂立入門藍牙耳機通話標準。

Full-range titanium unit

The composite diaphragm made of titanium PU and PEEK used in the 10 mm full-range dynamic unit makes the large unit maintain a powerful and solid bass, and the high-pitched vocals are also very bright, saturated and full of details而且充滿細節。

Studio Calibration Techniques

In order to improve the sound performance of PistionBuds Pro, 1MORE specially cooperated with the European recording studio calibration technology label Sonarworks to adjust the sound of the headphones with professional techniques such as many recording engineers around the world, including Grammy Award-winning first-line recording engineers and producers, and specially customized pop rock classical bass enhancement. 12 different styles of preset sound effects bring richer listening enjoyment帶來更豐富的聆聽享受。

Bluetooth 5.2 technology

The hardware configuration is also taken care of. PistionBuds Pro uses Bluetooth 5.2 technology with lower power consumption and better anti-interference. It has lower power consumption and has better reception ability even in a multi-person environment. 90ms low-latency technology to play games Both audio and video are more synchronized. In addition, the power has been improved this time. Quick charge can take 5 minutes to listen for 1 hour, and a full charge can last for about 7.5 hours. With the charging box, it can reach 30 hours of battery life, plus IPX5 waterproof and sweat resistance, and intelligent in-ear detection. Sound and function are very satisfied測,無論聲音同功能都非常滿足。

Connect to 1MORE Music for more ways to play玩法

As long as you download the dedicated 1MORE Music mobile app at the same time, you can operate the noise reduction function, and you can also set the buttons to automatically play the low-latency entertainment mode and other functions. At the same time, the built-in EQ equalizer can be used when you listen to different music, and it can help you relieve stress and fall asleep. The melody listening function is simple to turn on and the instant enjoyment function is automatically doubled時享受,功能自動倍升。


Bluetooth version

Bluetooth 5.22

Bluetooth protocol


audio format


Talk time and music playback

Headphones 7.5 hours with noise reduction off 5 hours with noise reduction on(降噪開啟)

With charging box 30 hours noise reduction off 20 hours noise reduction on(降噪開啟)

charging time

60 minutes (earphones) 120 minutes (charging case))

Communication range

10 meters in open environment下)

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