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1MORE Comfobuds Pro

1MORE Comfobuds Pro

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Vibrant brilliance in different light

ComfoBuds Pro won the 2021 CES Innovation Design Award in the United States New aurora blue color matching with flexible pearlescent technology, fine glitter particles, and gradient metal-like luster The line for men and women has also passed the IPX4 life waterproof specification. It can be used with confidence for daily use and easy sports.都可以放心使用。

Exclusive 1MORE MUSIC APP more functions

The aurora blue ComfoBuds Pro not only has outstanding shell craftsmanship, but also uses a new audio chip to add support for the 1MORE MUSIC APP function. You can choose from 22 styles of music tuned by Grammy masters through your mobile phone. Play games have the best performance. Users can also set the noise reduction mode in the app. Touch operation and automatic replay function are more convenient to use.感應重播功能,更加方便使用。
(Note that the sound effects of the selected genre are only for the Aurora Blue version))

QuietMaxTM Noise reduction black technology

ComfoBuds Pro are the first to feature 1MORE QuietMaxTM Headphones with noise-cancelling technology not only focus on noise-cancelling performance, but also take into account the unit design, tone-calibrated call noise-cancellation, and hope to provide excellent noise-cancelling effects in different scenarios and different uses. The new design makes QuietMaxuietMaxTM It can achieve up to 40dB noise reduction in noisy environments such as airplanes and subway cars, and can be adjusted to medium noise reduction in relatively quiet environments such as offices and coffee shops to maintain a comfortable listening experience聽感舒適。

New application of noise reduction technology

ComfoBuds Pro also utilizes QuietMaxTMThe powerful noise reduction function realizes different applications. In the transparent mode, users can easily hear the sound of the outside world while listening to music. They can communicate face-to-face with people naturally without removing headphones. Another function, the anti-wind noise mode is in In order to let the user isolate the whirring wind sound in the windy environment such as the seaside suburbs, it can also play a role in outdoor running and cycling.、踩單車同樣可以發揮作用。

Three-mic call noise reduction

The dual-microphone noise reduction technology has been used on 1MORE headphones for a long time, and the Comfobuds Pro has been replaced with a more advanced three-microphone call noise reduction technology combined with a more accurate algorithm to clearly pick up the human voice in complex and changeable noisy environments. You can lower the volume of your speech and the other party can hear it clearly得一清二楚。

Smart user experience

Comfobuds Pro has a number of high-end features including smart in-ear detection headphones and infrared sensors to automatically control music playback. It is very convenient to play and stop when you wear it. The pairing function in the box is completed after the first pairing. The box cover will be automatically paired with the mobile phone. The dual-channel transmission technology of the earphone allows you to take out the single earphone to make a call. Take out both earphones and enjoy the stereo sound. The earphone also simplifies the operation. To play/stop music and avoid accidental touch, users need to tap twice in a row to operate the headset, which is very intimate家需要連續輕按兩下才可操作耳機,非常貼心。

A new generation of 13.4mm ultra-dynamic large unit

ComfoBuds Pro uses a 13.4mm ultra-large dynamic moving coil unit that is rarely used in true wireless headphones. TPU aluminum-magnesium alloy titanium three-layer composite diaphragm is used. FPC centering bracket is used to reduce nonlinear distortion. Japanese big black four-layer sound The strong driving force of the loop brings the flexibility and fullness of the TPU low frequency, the aluminum-magnesium alloy to bring the vocals freely, the delicate and loudness of the titanium metal high frequency, and gives full play to the high frequency.亮都發揮得淋漓盡致。

Powerful charging case

ComfoBuds Pro comes with a sophisticated and powerful charging case that allows this versatile pair of earphones to be used for 20 hours with noise cancelling turned off, up to 28 hours with noise cancelling turned off, and an ad-hoc fast charging function, and a 15-minute charge can be used for Headphones provide 2 hours of power, take a break and get back into the music world入音樂世界。

Lightweight and comfortable to wear適

ComfoBuds Pro not only has powerful functions, but also pays great attention to the wearing experience. The oval-shaped channel allows the earphones to penetrate deep into the ear canal and ensure the sound insulation and wearing stability. The earphones weigh only 5.2g on each side.無感佩戴體驗。


1 kg


13.4mm moving coil unit

Bluetooth version

Bluetooth 5.00

audio format


Talk time and music playback

(Noise reduction on 6 hours (headphones) / 20 hours (with charging case) Noise reduction off 8 hours (headphones) / 28 hours (with charging case)電盒)

charging time

60 minutes (earphones) 120 minutes (charging case))

Communication range

10 m

Other features

ANC Active Noise Cancellation can even call and play in single/binaural mode when the cover is opened 1MORE MUSIC APP custom music style sound effects風音效

Headphone weight single隻)

5.2 g

Charging case weight

40 g

Total Weight

50.4 g

Charging case size

80 37.5 30mmmm


Aurora Blue, Titanium Black, Mica White

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