Return Policy

Online exchange of bad goods terms:

  1. Customers must exchange goods with valid purchase documents.
    2. Each item can only be replaced once.
    3. Customers can exchange for products of the same value; if the exchange value is higher than the original purchased product, the customer must make up the difference; if the exchange value is lower than the original purchased product, the difference will not be refunded.
    4. Exchanges must be made within 7 working days after delivery.
    5. When exchanging goods, the customer must provide the complete package.
    6. If the product is verified to belong to our company, the return postage shall be borne by the buyer.
    7. Exchanges are only applicable to Master Team Online shopping on the official website.

Note 1:Customers who purchase the products represented by our company online will accept the company's exchange terms, and the final interpretation right of these terms belongs to the Master Team Company owned.

Free Shipping Arrangements

**Master Team Will not be responsible for any damage in transit.
**Customers need to notify at least 48 hours before delivery (excluding Sundays and public holidays) for changing the delivery address or time, ordering additional items, or amending the original sales order.