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VIOLECTRIC HPA V202 Headphone Amplifier

VIOLECTRIC HPA V202 Headphone Amplifier

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Quiet as deep sea size take-all Violectric HPA V222 & HPA V202 Headphone Amplifier音機

There are many types of earphones. Not only are there many types of units, but the thrust power capacity required is very different. These differences make many earphones can only choose a certain type of earphones and design the circuit to avoid hard-to-push earphones. Push-in-ear type is not quiet enough. The level of quietness is enough but the thrust is insufficient. Violectric, a brand of Lake People, a famous German audio and recording equipment manufacturer, is not afraid of this difficult problem. It starts from the basics and solves the compatibility problem intelligently and perfectly. The HPA V222HPA V202 headphone amplifier is a good demonstration work.2 耳機擴音機,就是上佳的示範作品。

Lake People of Germany is well-known in the recording industry, both in terms of sound performance and durability, and they are also recognized by the professional recording market. Their Violectric also inherits all traditions and advantages. SUCCESS MADE IN GERMANY USE LOW GAIN HIGH VOLTAGE COMPREHENSIVE SHIELD TO MINIMIZE NOISE INaudible and eliminate excess gain to maintain excellent detail but 50V HIGH VOLTAGE AMPLIFIER ensures ample driving force and ultra high damping factor plus up to 7 segments The adjustable gain and low output impedance of any kind of headphones can be properly controlled to give you the best sound performance. The HPA 222 is a fully balanced amplifier structure. Each channel is equipped with two identical amplifier circuits. It not only uses the principle of balanced amplification to further reduce Noise thrust and control force are more synchronously improved平衡放大原理去進一步降低噪音,推力與控制力更同步提升。

HPA V202 Highlights:

  • Circuit design developed from the classic best-selling model V200
  • Internal operating voltage up to 60V enables easy handling of high impedance headphones with very large voltage swings耳機
  • With 6.3mm TRS4.4mm TRRRS Pentaconn output出
  • Up to 7-band gain adjustment range of up to 18dB can perfectly match a variety of different headphones耳機
  • Has RCAXLR input for easy connection of different equipment材
  • Adopt toroidal transformer filter capacitor array up to 22.000 uF to ensure clean power supply供應
  • Use Japanese ALPS RK 27 variable resistance volume control to ensure sound quality素
  • Made in Germany

The harsh test of ear expansion

There are many different types of earphones, and the thrust and bearing capacity they require varies greatly. For example, the thrust required to make the AKG K1000 and Sennheiser HD25 produce the same sound pressure level is 2,500 times different. the test is more severe驗就更加嚴苛了。

An ear expansion that can handle high-impedance and high-power headphones. General in-ear headphones may not be detailed enough. The noise floor is too strong or even the output power exceeds the load of the earphone. In turn, the ear expansion thrust that can match the in-ear earphone may not be enough to cope with large units. headphones大單元頭戴式耳機。

Violectric has been aiming to solve this problem since its establishment. The birth of the V200 series has also started from scratch. Many legendary products such as V200V220V280 and V281 have been designed from scratch in the past ten years. The new product HPA V222V202 is to inherit the mantle of the familiar names of these enthusiasts to improve the new architecture.衣鉢,以改良新架構面世。

HPA 202 is more direct and playable抵玩

HPA V222 is a true balanced ear expansion for four sets of amplifier circuits. At the same time, Violectric also prepared a brother model named HPA V202HPA V202. Although there is no 4-pin XLR output, it still has 4.4mm TRRRS Pentaconn6.3mm TRS two output interface outputs It is also slightly reduced, but the design concept and function are the same as the HPA V222. The operating voltage is increased to 60V, providing another good choice for headphone enthusiasts燒友提供另一個好選擇。


Strength and detail

Although the amplifier circuit of HPA 202 is single-ended instead of the balanced structure of HPA 222, the former not only has a lower price but also has many of the same advantages as the latter. The damping coefficient of HPA 202 is as high as 200, which is enough to fully offset the back EMF of the headphone unit. The hearing earphone has only 6.3mm TRS single-ended input and the successful experience of Lake People, the parent company of Violectric, has made the HPA 202 have excellent hearing performance. It is very transparent and extremely quiet and has a high tolerance. It has the ability to make all kinds of headphones play their true strength and will not become your headphone matching limiter.正實力,不會成為你的耳機配搭限制器。


Specification HPA V222 HPA V202
Maximum input voltage: +21dBu
input resistance: 10k ohms
Input sensitivity: +6 dBu
feedback gain: +2dB unbalanced +8dB balancedB(平衡) +8dB
gain: -18 / -12 / -6 / 0 / +6 / +12 / +18 dBr
Frequency Range: 5Hz-250kHz-0.5dBB) 5Hz-250kHz-0.5dBB)
output impedance: 0.25 Ohms unbalanced 0.5 Ohms balanceds(平衡) 0.25 Ohms
Damping Coefficient Load 50 RR): 200 unbalanced 100 balanced0(平衡) 200
Dynamic Range: > 131 dB (A-wtd) > 128 dB (A-wtd)
noise: < -102 dBu (A-wtd) < -100 dBu (A-wtd)
total harmonic distortion
THD+N (1kHz/2x10V/100R=1W): < -102 dB / < 0.0008 % < -100 dB / < 0.001 %
THD+N (1kHz/2x4V/32R=0,5W): < -100 dB / < 0.001 % < -103 dB / < 0.0007 %
crosstalk: -100 dB (1 kHz) / -95 dB (15 kHz) -100 dB (1 kHz) / -95 dB (15 kHz)
headphone output: 4.4mm4-pole XLR6.3mm TRSRS 4.4mm6.3mm TRSS
input terminal: 1 x XLR1 x RCAA
volume: 170 x 54 x 228mm
selling price: $11,200 $7,980
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