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Thieaudio Prestige LTD in-ear headphones

Thieaudio Prestige LTD in-ear headphones

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The original Prestige debuted one of the best applications of electrostatic (EST) drivers on the IEM market. The Prestige features a sustained EST output from 10kHz to 20kHz, demonstrating the full potential of the EST driver and the treble extension it can achieve in the IEM format. However, the lofty treble output may make some listeners nervous.

To this end, we have modified the EST drivers used in the Prestige LTD for a more enjoyable listening experience. Prestige LTD features the same treble extension capabilities as the original Prestige, with near-constant output from 10kHz to 20kHz. However, the high peaks at 12kHz and 15kHz have been eliminated by smooth expansion.

Like the original Prestige, the Prestige LTD has the same extensive and comprehensive engineering strategy. Each side of the Prestige LTD uses 4x Sonion electrostatic drivers + 2x Knowles mid-high balanced armatures + 2x Sonion mid-low balanced armatures + 10mm dynamic subwoofer. With a carefully designed 5-way cross-mixing strategy, Prestige delivers the ultimate in layering and texture across the entire frequency spectrum.

The Prestige LTD has a slightly modified tonal signature compared to its predecessor. The bass frame has been tightened to 200Hz through modifications to the 10mm dynamic driver. With better control and tighter bass, bass effects are more focused and faster, helping to create a clearer overall sound signature. Prestige LTD retains THIEAUDIO's classic flat midrange to achieve the accurate sound of professional studio monitoring. In addition to the smoothing of the super treble, the mid-highs and treble have also been cleaned up to provide a more natural treble curvature. All in all, the Prestige LTD offers a sound signature that's more listener-friendly and easier to enjoy, while maintaining its professional technical capabilities.
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