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TangZu Tang Sancai|Tang Sancai Ear Glue

TangZu Tang Sancai|Tang Sancai Ear Glue

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TangZu Tang Sancai|The SHAN system was developed after many studies and tests on the sound mouth part of Tang Sancai, so that the sound waves provide a perfect direction and diffuse the perfect sound. SHAN maintains clarity while also perfectly retaining dynamics.

  • Special surface texture design .
  • Similar half-open design .
  • It can release the internal pressure air to balance .
  • The sound mouth uses the newly developed SHAN system .
  • The material is made of medical grade silicone.

feature of product
Medical grade silicone is safe and guaranteed
Tang Sancai silicone earplug covers are made of medical-grade silicone, which is non-irritating to the skin, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. The comfortable wearing feeling allows users to use in-ear headphones with peace of mind.

Exclusive Filter Zone design
Developed after multiple studies and rigorous testing, it achieves the precise path that sound waves travel at their speed while eliminating unnecessary distortion, providing an immersive listening experience with improved clarity and audio quality.

Patented textured surface design
The texture design on the surface of the ear gel, which is based on medical-grade silicone, can not only increase the gripping effect of the ear gel, but also help reduce the pressure on the earphones and increase wearing comfort. Tang Sancai, while maintaining a certain level of friction, is not easily deformed and is very durable.

Balanced|Balanced version
Structurally, the balanced version has a longer duct, and the duct is in a roller shape from the duct to the sound outlet. It is equipped with its own Filter Zone and patented texture design. The diameter of the sound outlet is moderate, and the duct wall is relatively thicker and harder than the Wide Bore version.

The sound of the balanced version is more concentrated in the mid-frequency, especially the mid-low frequency. The overall sound is thicker and the sound is more concentrated.

Wide Bore | Large diameter version
The tube is shorter and suitable for TWS headphones in addition to IEMs. The duct to the sound outlet has a trumpet shape, equipped with its own Filter Zone and patented texture design. The diameter of the sound outlet is large, and the duct wall is softer, thinner and shorter than the Balance version.

The sound of the large-diameter version emphasizes high frequencies and ultra-low frequencies. The extension of the two frequencies is more obvious. The overall sound is a little looser than the balanced version. The sound is wider and has a more obvious sense of space.

S Size|M Size|L Size: 3 pairs
Combo (S/M/L Size) : 1 pair

Balanced|Balanced version
S Size: 4 x 10.9 x 8.97mm
M Size: 4 x 12 x 9.37mm
L Size: 4 x 13 x 9.31 mm
Wide Bore|Large diameter version
S Size: 4 x 10.9 x 7.4 mm
M Size: 4 x 12 x 7.4 mm
L Size: 4 x 13 x 7.4 mm

Applicable pipe diameter 4 mm
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