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Sony nw-zx707 digital hd music player

Sony nw-zx707 digital hd music player

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The high polymer capacitor in NW-ZX707 makes the sound space wider and more transparent. By using flat wires, it achieves lower distortion sound effects and lower resistance to provide clearer sound quality. NW-ZX707 also has a 5.0-inch 12.7 cm touch screen The control screen provides an easier operating experience供更加輕鬆操作體驗。

The evolution of portable audio equipment
The NW-ZX700 series inherits the Signature Walkman concept to bring an extraordinary sound quality experience, allowing you to enjoy original music effects no matter where you are. Longer battery life, equipped with a 5-inch larger display, and easy downloading and streaming Streaming capabilities: This stylish and portable device satisfies the needs of demanding music lovers愛好者的需求。

Product Features

Premium components
The ZX700 Series is a leap forward in the evolution of extraordinary sound quality, using premium components you'd expect to see in top-tier audio systems.躍。

Sound effects processing
Our unique sound processing technology allows you to listen to more different types of music in more ways for an unprecedented listening experience驗。

Longer battery life
Longer battery life than previous models lets you listen to more music Enjoy up to 25 hours of 44.1kHz FLAC playback Up to 23 hours of 96kHz FLAC High-resolution audio playback up to 22 hours Music app play time用程式播放時間。

Luxurious design
The polished aluminum frame and 5.0-inch clear screen give the ZX700 series a sense of elegance while keeping it compact for ultimate portability.攜。

Compatible with Wi-Fi for direct downloading and streaming串流
NW-ZX700 series supports Android and is compatible with Wi-FiFi®,
Gives you more ways to listen to music. Enjoy your favorite streaming content and music apps through your Walkman. You can also connect to your computer to access your music collection.收藏。
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