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Satin Audio

Satin Audio Perseus 2x Double Shielded

Satin Audio Perseus 2x Double Shielded

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PerseusDesigned for Warrior Exclusive plug in series design/The splitter is carefully crafted We use a combination of isosceles triangle slopes to design this set of accessories, its style is derived from the spears and sword tips of powerful warriors in Greek mythology The accessories are made of brass成,採用 CNC Milling technology combined with color plating is expected to be為 Perseus Impressive unique and upscale look觀。

Geometria The double-layer structure consists of由 2 The core layer is composed of a double signal transmission core layer. The center layer is a conductor twisted structure outsourcing braided structure.中間有KevlarThis special structure of the damping core helps to optimize the size, suppress noise, resist vibration and improve signal transmission quality輸質量。

Using Litz structure technology, all strands are covered with an insulating layer, which can minimize the influence of surface effects, improve transmission quality and prevent wire oxidation.線材氧化。Satin Audio Proudly guarantee that our cables will not turn green after a long time of use綠。


double insulation:

we decided on Perseus use on 2 A different insulating material separates the two transmissive core layers. The first layer is是SA UltraSoft The second outermost layer of insulation covering the entire wire is the newest的 SA Insulation IIinsulation layer use用 2 The different materials not only help to provide better resistance to

To ensure signal transmission performance, it can also enhance the flexibility of the cable to provide a more humanized experience的體驗。

by virtue of the outermost SA Insulation II Floor,Perseus Can always ensure long-lasting soft sheath without hardening like other cables on the market硬。


Best Conductive Terminals:

As a high-end product line focused on optimizing signal transmission each個 Perseus Both use the highest quality plugs and pins are well made and we use our own developed的 Satin 2-Pin TeCu/PEEK and MMCX TeCu/Teflon Has a very high transmission index,IACS Gundam 93%,while the common use of other brands IACS 27% brass pin。

As for the plug,Satin Also carefully selected the best plugs on the market including palladium plated鈀 ULTIMATE Copper99.9% made of pure copper的 2.5mm/3.5mm Satin Plugs for excellent transmission efficiency Normally copper will be softer than brass but use,但使用 ULTIMATE COPPER,Despite its very high purity it still has the same durability as brass We also use the famous名的 Pentaconn branded 4.4mm plug it by由 OFC made of copper這 3 types of 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm The plugs are all made in Japan and have an excellent transmission index compared to ordinary brass plugs from other brands only只有 IACS 27%compared to,IACScan be as high as 100%-101%

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