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PW Audio Titan Series MOLOCH Headphone Upgrade Cable

PW Audio Titan Series MOLOCH Headphone Upgrade Cable

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PW Audio Titan Series - Moloch
Western European mythology - Greece in the classical period,"Titans"are the oldest gods in Greek mythology. They have existed since the beginning of the formation of the world. They are the children of the god of the sky and the goddess of the earth. They are considered to be the oldest in the universe. peak
PWAudio makes the voice of the Age of Myths louder again, and the Titans join the PW camp to give full play to their strengths
The vocals are sweet and warm, the sound field is large, and the sound is naturally not cramped.

Jacket Material:Soft PVC

Conductor Material:OCC copper

Conductor Gauge:22AWG

Number of Conductors:4

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