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PW Audio The 1960s SE Limited Edition Headphone Upgrade Line

PW Audio The 1960s SE Limited Edition Headphone Upgrade Line

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For more than ten years, we have been constantly finding breakthroughs in copper wires. Among the major players, there are No.5 and 1960s. In recent years, we have launched the flagship copper wire Orpheus. Time and time again, Peter has broken everyone's understanding of copper wire. Today, another technological breakthrough made the 1960s SE that everyone is most familiar with. Let me explain here that there are only 100 items (global, global, global). With wonderful changes in the 1960s structure, the 1960s, which has always focused on low-frequency speed and power, becomes clearer and brighter. Using the mysterious welding method, his vocal expression is more contagious. Finally, add Pentaconn OFC 4.4mm, the top plug in the earphone industry, and push it to the top combination. As long as you have heard or owned 1960s, you will always be able to hear the obvious difference. The appearance of 1960s SE is a perfect ending for the famous cable of 1960.

line length

Plug selection (headphone end)
MMCX, 2-Pin/0.78mm/CIEM, Pentaconn Ear, IPX, MMCX for Sony ( IER-M7/IER-M9/IER-Z1R ), MMCX for Sennheiser ( IE900/IE600/IE300 ) , A2DC , FitEar

Plug selection (source side)
2.5mm Balanced, 4.4mm Balanced, 3.5mm Single End, 3.5mm Balanced
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