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Pentaconn Coreir AL Alloy aluminum alloy catheter upgraded ear gel

Pentaconn Coreir AL Alloy aluminum alloy catheter upgraded ear gel

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Pentaconn COREIR, this new accessory series, looks just like ordinary ear gels in appearance, but it actually has an aluminum alloy nozzle built in under the transparent silicone. This is the closest section between the earphone tube and the external auditory canal. That is, the final corrected position of the sound and the different hardness and thickness of the material play a major role in the sound conduction and become a good helper for the improvement of headphones.為了耳機的正而提升好幫手。

COREIR aims to achieve spatial expression and sound reproduction similar to using metal mouthpiece headphones. The second version uses aluminum alloy AL ALLOY as the metal core material to provide new possibilities for sound quality. By maintaining the shape of the sound tube, the sound is also consistent. A colored silicone buffer is placed on the flexible metal core to prevent collision with the nozzle on the headphone side. The seat cushion part is made of CMYK and is colored in four colors to make it easier to distinguish the size.著色,更容易區分尺寸。

S Size:2 pairs
MS Size:2 pairs
M Size:2 pairs
L Size:2 pairs

S Size:11 x 9.4 x 4.4mm
MS Size:12x9.4x4.4mm
M Size:13x9.4x4.4mm
L Size:14x9.4x4.4mm

Headphone tube size is φ4.5 - 5.5mm
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