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NUARL Overture full-range dynamic unit headphones

NUARL Overture full-range dynamic unit headphones

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Overture: Arrange the most beautiful overture for the sound

Breakthrough technology brings the most natural and high-quality sound
The latest self-developed full-frequency moving coil unit
Equipped with the newly developed "NUARL DRIVER [N10] v6" φ10mm DLC diamond-like diaphragm, providing higher sensitivity and accurate positioning. Combined with a powerful dual-magnet magnetic circuit, the strongest grade of high-grade neodymium magnets are placed inside and outside the voice coil to produce high-definition and rich sound while reducing the weight of the unit.
Dual Chamber Driver ModulesDual Chamber Driver Modules
The unit adopts a front and rear sealed design, forming a dual-cavity driver unit. The dual-tone cavity used is thinner and lighter, so the volume of the cabinet can be controlled, while the volume of the low frequency is improved, resulting in better frequency division effect and analysis power.
NUARL Phase Guide phase guide system
Through 3D printing technology, a Phase Guide component is added to the air chamber between the front end of the unit and the sound outlet duct, so that the sound will not be reflected in different directions, thus suppressing the interference caused by high frequencies, avoiding distortion, and making the treble performance clearer. , smoother and more delicate.
Hybrid HDSS
It adopts the world's first hybrid HDSS (High Definition Sound Standard) patented technology and is equipped with three third-generation ETL (Embedded Transmission Line) modules; two of them are installed in the rear cavity of the unit, and the other is installed in In the front cavity, it prevents high-volume distortion and reduces the formation of noise, achieving the clearest, three-dimensional natural sound within the entire frequency range.
Interchangeable tuning nozzles provide different sound experiences
Overture comes with two different lengths of tuners, each with four sets of tuners with different amounts of low frequency. Without changing the iconic mid- and high-frequency timbre, users can freely adjust the bass below 500Hz according to their own preferences or music style. Each group of mouthpieces has a 3dB difference. Users can experience different audio volumes and sound positioning brought by songs by choosing different tuners.
Although both long and short mouthpieces have the same tuning, users' ears have different shapes and sizes, so using a long mouthpiece and a short mouthpiece will have different effects. Coupled with Block Ear+6n and Block Ear+7 ear gels, up to 24 different sound combinations can be created.
Stainless steel cabinet
Using a highly rigid stainless steel casing, through five-axis CNC machining, the combination of complex curves can be realized. The acoustic chamber inside the cabinet also fixes each component that needs to be installed, which can effectively
Suppresses resonance inside the casing.
The persistent pursuit of sound quality
The internal bonding wire uses 20% silver-containing SnAgCu tin-silver wire made in Japan. Generally, the soldering wires of headphones do not contain silver, and the soldering wires containing chain silver are made of materials that can improve the sound quality. Therefore, you can see that the materials selected by the group are of high quality and are very particular.
The headphone cable uses 7N high-purity OCC 7x7 8-core single crystal copper with silver plating, and uses the most durable Pentaconn Ear socket with a 4.4mm gold-plated plug.
In order to facilitate users who like to use 3.5mm at the same time, an additional 3.5mm unbalanced ⇔φ4.4mm balanced conversion line will be provided; the conversion line also uses 7N OCC 8-core silver-plated copper.
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