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MONDO ON-EAR FREESTYLE on-ear Bluetooth headphones

MONDO ON-EAR FREESTYLE on-ear Bluetooth headphones

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The earphones use a 32mm dynamic unit. In order to make the earphones have better bass performance, a unique structure was developed to prevent sound leakage and control the bass. Even though it looks like a simple earphone, a lot of thought has been put into the acoustic design. . Even though the body is lightweight, you can still enjoy the bass. Whether you like the 80's style or want to taste the full retro tuning, you can't miss MONDO ON-EAR FREESTYLE.
~ Original Hong Kong licensed product, enjoys 1-year warranty from Hong Kong agent ~

The great thing about retro-design is that, as a designer you get to choose just how retro you're going to get. In this case we got inspired by the immensely cool looks defined by the launch of the portable cassette player.

feature of product

response frequency

Bluetooth® 5.3

play time
about 22 hours

Charging time
about 1.5 hours
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