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Mondo by Defunc Over-Ear Headphones - AMD Edition

Mondo by Defunc Over-Ear Headphones - AMD Edition

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AMD (Armand Mondo Duplantis) is a Swedish-American track and field athlete. Because he has the name "Mondo", this special edition of Mondo by Mondo was also promoted. The record-breaking pole vaulting legend, known for defying gravity and breaking barriers, etched his name in history with stunning jumps.

But his passion goes beyond athletics. With his love of music and his personal interest in sound, he is integrated into this exclusive collaboration, combining his athletic talents with the world of audio excellence to launch AMD Special Edition. Based on the DUAL DRIVER OVER-EAR, the main elements include retro appearance, dual dynamic units, sliding knob operation, etc., and then replaced with graphite-colored anti-sweat fabric and memory foam. In addition, he is also printed on the headband. Iconic victory graphics, experience high-definition music in a new style.

The appearance of the nostalgic headphone is full of the 70-80's. If you look carefully, the operation buttons on the headset are like elements of recording studio equipment. You can perform different operations such as volume and song selection by sliding and turning, which is full of music-related feelings. As the name implies, DUAL DRIVER OVER-EAR adopts a dual-unit design, with two high-quality units responsible for sounding the treble and mid/bass respectively, thereby providing a clear and diverse audio experience and greatly reducing cancellation and interference between different frequency bands.

Equipped with aptX™ HD, it supports high-definition audio transmission, and allows you to create your own presets and equalizer settings according to your preferences through the MONDO dedicated application. Considering long-term wearing, the ear pads provide excellent support and provide maximum comfort. The exceptional 45-hour battery life gives you almost a week's worth of power to enjoy your music.

feature of product
  • AMD (Armand Mondo Duplantis) is an American track and field athlete of Swedish origin, a record-breaking pole vault legend, famous for defying gravity and breaking barriers .
  • The shape is full of nostalgic headphones from the 70s and 80s, and the elements of recording studio equipment include sliding and twisting operation buttons .
  • It is replaced with graphite outer sweat-proof fabric and memory foam, and his iconic victory pattern is printed on the headband .
  • The 40mm mid/bass + 10mm treble dual-unit design uses two high-quality units to produce sound, providing a clear and diverse experience .
  • Bluetooth 5.2 transmission specification, supports aptX HD, dual microphones for call reception .
  • Long battery life of 45 hours, supports USB-C charging in about 1.5 hours.

40mm moving coil x1
10mm moving coil x1

response frequency
20-20000 Hz

102dBSPL @ 1mW (0.179V), 1kHz

MEMS microphone x2

Bluetooth® 5.2

Support decoding
aptX HD

play time
about 45 hours

Charging time
about 2 hours

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