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MADOO Typ512 hybrid headphones (display item)

MADOO Typ512 hybrid headphones (display item)

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The new Madoo Typ512 uses a BelixUHD dynamic unit and has been carefully selected. This diaphragm has three important elements for sound quality: lightweight, rigidity, and tone. It is newly designed and developed by the factory.新設計和開發的。

Belix diaphragm is a composite diaphragm. The top of the unit is molded by a magnesium-lithium alloy film attached to the beryllium metal deposition edge. The magnesium-lithium alloy used in Typ512 is a material with excellent specific strength and specific stiffness. Will cause resonance on the diaphragm. In terms of external lightness, the lightest practical metal with a specific gravity of 1.5g/cm3 is used to ensure the sound transparency of the diaphragm while being light and having extremely low distortion. In addition, for the edge parts that pass through Beryllium, a light metal with the fourth atomic number, is vapor-deposited on resin used as a medical base material to achieve flexibility and rigidity while preventing unnecessary reverberation.性的同時防止不必要的混響。

In the first product, the Typ711, a balanced armature driver is combined with a planar driver to achieve the right balance of wetness and clarity. Our goal was to balance the sound reverberation of the two contradictory terms of powerful bass and unencumbered sound. The Typ711 is Balanced tuning and Typ512 emphasizes bass for fast band sounds. Bass drums provide deep and clear bass without dull rhythm sounds. Deep bass and groovy synthesizer sounds make you feel like you are in a club and it achieves refreshing bass. 而且,它實現了爽快的低音.

In principle, Micro Square Planar Magnetic is an actuator using planar dynamic technology. Inside a highly rigid metal box made of thin plates, the diaphragm is made of a composite material that combines a film-like lightweight metal alloy and super engineering plastics with a high The rigidity 剛性。

When the coil directly drives the diaphragm it produces a powerful and dynamic tone, while the use of a highly rigid composite diaphragm creates a unique timbre that produces a tight and clear sound. 的聲音。

Residential Architecture MIAA and highly controllable schematic design設計
To increase reliability and maximize performance we used the original shell architecture from Typ711 MIAAMADOO In-ear Acoustic Architecture All products are developed based on this architecture 個架構開發的。

We call the part that houses the driver a speaker. This speaker is made using a 3D printing process and has a complex acoustic circuit called a schematic design. 路。

Many multi-driver headphones on the market use vinyl sound tubes. However, there are various problems with vinyl tubes. For example, the material itself is soft and causes great sound loss due to squeezing when bent. Even with the best design, the characteristics cannot be reproduced because it is produced. Unstable, that is to say, there are individual differences in these headphones. The user is subject to the fate of the instrument. As a means to solve these problems, we developed MIAA, a housing architecture, to solve this problem. “MIAA”來解決這個問題。

Each driver is positioned and guided with strict precision by an acoustically engineered sound tube. Sound tubes designed through schematics are acoustically optimized in terms of aperture length, filtering function, aperture function, etc. This enables it to deliver excellent sound. In this Typ512 we are doing A unique acoustic tube design such as a new unequal tube and a composite spline tube makes it possible to create complex acoustic designs that are not possible with molds or vinyl tubes. Additionally this time we have improved 3D printing. Parts and newly adopted precision resin In order to maximize the use of this resin, we have revisited the pre-curing and post-curing hardening processes in the manufacturing process to be able to manufacture very precise parts controlled at the 5 μm level, thus strictly controlling quality and inhibiting manufacturing Individual differences in the process allow users to enjoy the sound quality expected by the design 的個體差異,讓用戶可以享受設計所期望的音質。

Sapphire crystal combines beauty and functionality
MADOO's design concept was based on images of submarines and clock windows. This was because the concept was to create headphones that would last for many years. So we looked for a suitable window material and stumbled upon sapphire crystal.寶石水晶。

Sapphire crystal has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale and has excellent scratch resistance and heat resistance. For a headphone concept that can last for many years, we believe that heat resistance and corrosion resistance that cannot be achieved with glass or plastic materials will be the best material to use. Functionally, this structure controls the back pressure of the speaker unit through the air gap to maximize the performance of the speaker unit. Sapphire crystal is more transparent than glass or plastic and has a beautiful appearance, making it a material for high-end watches.成為高級手錶的材料。

Highly rigid shell
Case rigidity is necessary to maximize the potential of the drive unit. The case is designed by engineers familiar with metal processing. They have designed cutting tools for Swiss and Japanese high-end watches as well as German automobiles. The case is cut from a block of aluminum through high-precision CNC machining. MADOO is made with a design concept that the rigidity of the shell affects the sound quality. For this reason, we have not compromised on the sound quality. For example, the surface of the shell is sandblasted to increase the hardness. The thickness of the shell is also designed to be thick enough for ordinary headphones.得足夠一般耳機的厚度。

Optimized shapes derived from 300 human ear models
Western and European countries are considered basic ear designs in international standards, but the size is very large compared to Asian ears and there are many problems with fitting. In addition, the main market for high-end headphones is Asia, centered on Japan, Hong Kong, China and South Korea.中國和韓國為中心。

With this in mind, we spent about three years collecting ear molds from 300 men in these areas and deduced the optimal shape based on them. As a result, we achieved a shell that combines high quality and design.計的外殼。

Acoustune Custom Cables
The headphone cable uses silver-plated copper wire from the brother brand Acoustune, 2 cores x 2 4 cores.。

The wire that reduces sound quality loss ensures the performance of the earphones. The connector adopts the new IEM connector Pentaconn Ear designed and manufactured by Japan Dicks Co., Ltd., which has high sound quality and high reliability. Compared with the traditional MMCX connector, the plug part and the socket part are in closer contact and conductive. Excellent performance In addition it achieves ease of connection and detachment and sturdiness 的容易性和堅固性。

This product comes standard with two wires. MRC011 uses a 3.5mm 3-pole L-shaped gold-plated plug. MRC023 uses a 4.4mm 5-pole L-shaped gold-plated plug.L型鍍金插頭。
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