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Lepic Jukebox headphone protective case

Lepic Jukebox headphone protective case

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【 Jukebox Fixed Shockproof Constant Humidity Headphone Protective Case - A storage space specially designed for IEMs 】
IEM wired headphones are a very sophisticated product. In order to be used for a long time without being damaged, moisture-proof and shock-proof protection are very important. They are equipped with humidity adjustment/anti-shock/anti-bacterial functions and other necessary functions for headphone storage. 成的 Jukebox Built-in moisture-proof headphone protective case always keeps your headphones in top condition。

The design of Jukebox is different from traditional earphone storage boxes. It has a special earphone storage slot inside to effectively prevent the earphones on both sides from being scratched and damaged due to collision. It also has a humidity adjustment function to keep the earphones in the best condition and the shell is more durable. Use transparent polycarbonate PC to use its high hardness to prevent impact and provide the most efficient protection for headphones耳機提供最高效的保護。

feature of product
Shock-resistant and fixed earphones to prevent scratches
Storing the earphones Four additional raised silicone blocks secure the earphone body to prevent the earphones from rolling around inside the case. Clear polycarbonate material and bright interior silicone body provide maximum storage space while keeping the earphones secure. Silicone inside the case The glue structure and padding allow the earphones to hold securely, preventing scratches and impacts. The lid is also closed with suede, so anything the earphones come into contact with is safe.何地方都是安全的。

Internal silicone pad
In order to make the dust less visible, bright silicone built-in protective pads are used. The walls and bottom are composed of medium triangular raised fences for storing moisture-proof beads.防潮珠。

Hidden locking system
JUKEBOX adopts a hidden locking system that utilizes the characteristics of the material to design a fixed structure that is hidden inside and holds the lid. It can be opened and closed quickly and easily without any exposed protruding structures, minimizing the possibility of damage.性減到最少。

ACS Air Control Sheet Air Control Sheett)
The lid of this headphone box has a special sheet with moisture-releasing and absorbing/antibacterial properties built into it. The ACS headphones come into contact with the hands, ears and other bodies during use. They are exposed to the outside for a long time and are very susceptible to contamination by viruses/fungi, etc., which can cause Diseases such as ear inflammation cause ACS. Maintain the optimal humidity inside the box at 40~60% to ensure that the headphones are always in the best condition. Humidity adjustment of ACS. When the inside of the casing is humid, ACS will absorb moisture and discharge the moisture again when the inside is dry. Maintain optimal humidity inside the box保持箱體內部的最佳濕度。

Deodorizing Antibacterial Antifungal Potency效能
The material itself has an antibacterial effect that kills cells and can inhibit the environment where fungi breed. ACS deodorization, antibacterial, antifungal and moisture absorption/moisture removal test has a deodorization rate of 99.8%.99.8%。

Italian SYNT3 PU fabric cover available in various colors擇
This product uses the textured knitted embossed YUTA fabric cover of SYNT3, an Italian Milanese brand famous for making high-quality PU fabrics, to embellish the design with a sense of style.感。

ACS precautions and management methods
In order to maintain appropriate humidity, it is recommended to dry and manage the ACS in a dryer or in a low-humidity environment when using headphones in a high-humidity environment. If the orange beads of the moisture-proof beads inside turn green, please dry them immediately. The ACS moisture-proof beads are housed in a triangular structure. The silicone can be removed after separation膠後可以取出。
※Moisture-proof beads must be separated separately so that the microwave oven protective box cannot be used in a microwave oven波爐。
Moisture-proof beads can be reused and can be replaced by moisture-proof beads containing orange beads on the market. Moisture-proof beads should be stopped every 10~15 seconds in the microwave oven. Please perform until the green turns to orange. If the color of the moisture-proof beads no longer changes, please replace it with new ones. Moisture beads新防潮珠。



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