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KOJO TECHNOLOGY KS-9UK power cord [UK style]

KOJO TECHNOLOGY KS-9UK power cord [UK style]

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KOJO Technology KS-9UK Product Highlights

Using KOJO TECHNOLOGY's own 4N OFC wire core, the wire has moderate softness, excellent operation, and is easy to place. The plug adopts Japanese Furutech gold-plated style to ensure a stable connection. In addition, thanks to the excellent gold plating process, the wire separation is high and a wider bandwidth response is obtained. Recreating the emotions in music, KS-9UK not only has stable mid-bass performance and control, but the mid- and high-frequency brightness, sound speed and attack are beautifully expressed together. This is a model with excellent balance that allows you to be more immersed in your music experience. It is an all-around power cord that not only has reference tone but also musicality and is recommended to all music lovers.

Line length



HVCTF 3×2SQ 20sq
37 booksx0.26Φ
3-core structure outer diameter 8.4Φ

AC power plug


IEC plug


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