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Fostex T60RP 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Wooden Shell Planar Diaphragm Headphones

Fostex T60RP 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Wooden Shell Planar Diaphragm Headphones

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African rosewood shell

T60RP 50th Anniversary Limited Edition is made of top-grade African red pear wood in the outer shell. After drying, it has a unique and natural dark reddish brown and wood grain. Its unique sound resonance characteristics are often used in the production of high-end log musical instruments.製作上。

Because African red pear wood has higher density and hardness than ordinary wood, combined with the fine performance of the RP vibrator, it can express rich and solid mid-bass and more glossy highs, with impressive quality and Shows unique wooden tone without losing ductility的「木質」音色。

Fifty years of unit technology crystallization-Regular Phase original phase unit單元

In terms of unit design, the Regular Phase (RP) used in headphones can be said to confirm the development of Fostex in headphones so far. The RP unit has been improved for three generations respectively. The reason is that it is expected to make the sound performance more linear through improvements and pursue high linearity of sound. The design of the performance RP unit is also different. In particular, the carbon material in the magnetic yoke is less than half of the previous one. This approach not only makes the magnetic flux of the unit more even, but also reduces the mutual interference between the magnets, thereby retaining high linearity. The sound is restored in the diaphragm design. Fostex uses a polyimide film that is lightweight and highly durable. This brings an excellent transient response to the earphones. At the same time, the design of the coil will also have a certain impact on the timbre of the earphones. In pursuit of highly linear sound performance, Fostex uses a zigzag coil structure on the diaphragm coil and arranges them in a balanced manner. The diaphragm using this structure can reduce unnecessary high-frequency response when the unit is operating and maintain the naturalness of the sound information.不必要的高頻響應, 保持聲音信息的自然度。

Made by Japanese craftsmen

In order to carry out more meticulous hand-assembly and new acoustic adjustments, Fostex has transferred the manufacturing process of T60RP 50TH ANNIVERSARY to a domestic factory in Japan to ensure the quality of the headphones. In addition, the headphones come with two different styles of ear pads, namely synthetic leather and velvet. Style users can change according to personal preferences喜好進行更換。

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