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Fostex T50RP 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Flat Headphones

Fostex T50RP 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Flat Headphones

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Fifty years is a very big test for the brand. Fostex has used its unique concept and advanced audio production technology to continuously create a variety of high-quality audio products during these fifty years. It has now been used in its own products. A certain amount of technology has been accumulated online. This year marks the fifth decade of the brand. Fostex has gathered years of technology to create the T50RP 50th Anniversary Limited Edition for many brand supporters. We hope to thank all the supporters while also setting an important milestone for the 50th anniversary. milestone.

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Show your Japanese style to your heart’s content
As the representative work of the brand's 50th anniversary, the T50RP 50th An-niversary Limited Edition uses the RP series headphones as the blueprint, and its appearance is changed to black and gold as a match, which highlights the mature taste.

At the same time, the Chinese character "50th Anniversary" is used as a symbol on the right side of the earphones, fully displaying Japanese design aesthetics. The casing is also equipped with damping components to reduce the resonance when the unit is operating, so that the headphones can have lower-distortion sound reproduction.

Super comfortable to wear
The original design of the RP series is to present highly restored sound information to music producers. The T50RP 50th Anniversary Limited Edition also follows the ultra-lightweight design. While bringing a high wearing comfort, it also brings high linear sound performance. The headband evenly distributes the weight of the earphones, allowing users to use them for a long time.

The crystallization of fifty years of unit technology - Regular Phase "original phase" unit
In terms of unit design, the Regular Phase (RP) used in headphones can be said to confirm Fostex's development in headphones. So far, the RP unit has been upgraded for three generations respectively. The reason is that it is expected to make the sound performance more linear through improvements.

In order to pursue high linear sound performance, the RP unit is also different in design, especially the carbon material in the yoke is less than half compared to before. This approach not only makes the magnetic flux of the unit more even, but also reduces the mutual interference between magnets, thereby retaining highly linear sound reproduction.

In terms of diaphragm design, Fostex uses a lightweight and highly durable polyimide film as a material, thus bringing an excellent transient response to the headphones.

At the same time, the design of the coil will also have a certain impact on the sound of the headphones. In pursuit of highly linear sound performance, Fostex uses a zigzag coil structure on the diaphragm coil and arranges them in a balanced manner. The diaphragm using this structure can reduce unnecessary high-frequency response when the unit is operating and maintain the naturalness of the sound information.


Regular Phase "original phase" unit

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