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Final audio ze8000 true wireless headphones

Final audio ze8000 true wireless headphones

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Ultra-high precision and ultra-low distortion dynamic unit f-CORE for 8K SOUNDND」

To achieve advanced digital signal processing, it is essential to develop ultra-high-precision units. To achieve 8K SOUND of ZE8000, final uses the newly developed ultra-high-precision and ultra-low-distortion moving coil unit f-CORE for 8K SOUND. It adopts the latest The production technology of f-CORE for 8K SOUND minimizes the edges and enlarges the diameter of the diaphragm. This breakthrough design makes its physical properties equivalent to ordinary 13mm diameter units, which is quite rare among true wireless headphones f-CORE for 8K SOUND By using a special silicone edge, it can be fixed to the diaphragm casing without adhesive. In addition, the coil with overhead wiring does not require adhesive, which further improves the lightweight and precision. The above advantages are combined by f-CORE for 8K SOUND. The advantage of extremely low distortion can bring a higher degree of sound performance ,能夠帶來更高還原度的聲音表現。

Comfortable and close-to-ear wearing feeling
The comfort of wearing the earphones depends on the size of the part where the earphones are placed in the ears. In order to minimize the size of the earphones worn on the ears, ZE8000 adopts a design where the circuit board and battery part are separated. The soft silicone earmuffs can fit the ears firmly and will not fall off easily. 不易脫落。

Stress-free premium ANC functionality
General ANC active noise reduction may produce a time delay that affects the sound quality, such as low frequencies being suppressed or causing pressure on the head of the eardrum. The ANC function equipped with the ZE8000 uses independent calculations and prioritizes sound quality and listening comfort, so it will not affect the earphones. sound quality 影響耳機的音質。

Free switching between multiple modes
In addition to the noise reduction mode, ZE8000 also provides four modes: wind noise reduction mode, ambient sound mode and voice mode to meet the needs of consumers in various scenarios.以應對消費者各種場景需求。

Product name ZE8000

Bluetooth specifications Bluetooth 5.2 .2

Frequency response range 20Hz-20KHz

Support audio formats SBC, AAC, Qualcomm aptX, aptX Adaptive aptive

The battery life of the earphones is up to 5 hours/with charging case up to 15 hours

Charging time: earphones 1.5 hours/charging box 2 hours

Waterproof grade IPX4


Charging box ZE8000 special silicone earmuffs SS/S/M/L/LLUSB type C charging cable filter replacement filter sticky stick、濾網便貼棒

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