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FiiO M15S HD Music Player

FiiO M15S HD Music Player

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1. Powerful performance comes from the same origin承

As FiiO's new high-end HiFi player, M15S inherits the technology of M17, such as desktop/portable dual power supply mode mixed five-speed gain, but there are further optimizations.進一步的優化:
M15S is equipped with FiiO fully automatic lightweight DC auxiliary power supply system. When the device automatically recognizes the Type-C fast charging protocol, it can activate the super big ear mode. At this time, the balanced maximum undistorted sustainable output power is up to 1200mW per channel. Such surging performance can Easily push all kinds of earplugs and headphones塞及頭戴耳機。

Not only that, M15S has an exclusive desktop mode. When USB is connected to fast charging, you can choose to enter desktop mode. At this time, M15S will work completely without the battery. The built-in battery neither charges nor discharges, which can better protect battery life.保護電池壽命。

2. High-end configurations show off skills藝
Since we position the M15S as a handheld computer, there is no ambiguity in the configuration and materials.不含糊。
M15S not only uses the eight-core high-performance DAC chip ES9038PRO designed for desktop devices, which has excellent resolution and restoration, but also is equipped with Qualcomm's flagship QCC5124 Bluetooth chip and Bluetooth transmitter to form a Bluetooth 5.0 dual-chip architecture that supports LDAC/SBC/ AAC/aptX/aptX HD and other full format two-way Bluetooth transmission藍牙傳輸。

With the powerful combination of configurations, M15S's built-in six working modes of Roon Ready/Pure Sound/Android/AirPlay/Bluetooth Receiver/USB DAC are enough to meet your needs in different scenarios and bring you better sound quality and more convenience. user experience使用體驗。

3. Exquisite design experience leaps forward升
In order to bring you a consistent good experience inside and out, we have worked hard to polish the internal and external design of M15S to make it as good as possible in terms of heat dissipation, volume adjustment, etc.可能做到好。
The M15S uses high-quality materials such as multiple sets of independent metal shields and an independent stainless steel battery compartment, which can quickly and effectively dissipate the heat generated inside the M15S. Furthermore, the M15S also uses low-temperature bleaching and high-precision film materials for resistors and capacitors. It can still maintain high-power output in complex working environments, allowing you to enjoy HiFi sound without worries.HiFi之聲。

Not only that, the M15S also applies a comprehensive mask design. It adopts a high-precision silver-nickel copper mask. The heat dissipation accessories and masking accessories are stacked inside the mask. There is absorbing paper underneath the mask. Such a crazy stack of layers of mask only To present pure HiFi music的HiFi音樂。

It is worth mentioning that M15S is equipped with an analog potentiometer knob and button dual volume control mode with 120 levels of precise volume adjustment. You can make the most convenient control according to different usage scenarios.手的操控

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