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FiiO K7 (Hong Kong Version)

FiiO K7 (Hong Kong Version)

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【A new starting point for the true balance decoder ~ FiiO K7】

FiiO K7 (4.4mm + 6.35mm True Balance Decoding Amp) (Hong Kong Version) True Balance Decoding Amp THX AAA 788+ Amp Technology High Performance Dual DAC AK4493S Multiple Smart Protection Circuits Multiple Independent LDO Power Supply Standard 12V/24W Low Noise power supply, colorful RGB chip lights, three-speed output switching, two-speed hardware gain selection, rich input and output interface富輸入輸出介面

1. True Balance Decoding Headphone Amplifier High-end platform amplifier K9 Pro six-level audio architecture, single-ended and balanced, always maintain dual DAC work, which can effectively reduce crosstalk and maximize the restoration of real audio performance, allowing you to enjoy a more pure sound playback effect放音效果。

2. The high-end amp technology is decentralized~ The sound is better than the high-end amp K9 Pro. The same THX AAA 788+300Ω load can reach 1% undistorted power up to 560mW and 32Ω load. The 1% undistorted power can reach 2000mW to drive low impedance and high Resistive headphones have excellent detail and dynamics that touch your heart every time you listen都觸動心弦。

2000mW@32Ω ~ undistorted power up to

560mW@300Ω ~ undistorted power up to

3. Dual AK4493SEQ ~ Refinement upgrade The left and right channels are equipped with a high-performance and low-power AK4493SEQ. The unique tone is easy to reproduce. The rich and delicate sound will let you sink in again.讓你再次沉侵其中。

4. Powerful decoding ability ~ travel all over the music world XMOS XUF208 decoding chip adopts frequency multiplication management technology to cope with high-standard decoding and control various music scenes with ease話下。

5. RGB chip light ~ colorful debut

RGB chip light supports monochrome color mixing and multi-color display Ambilight Shuttle, brilliant and vivid lighting effects when booting or input switching, help you create a cool desktop culture面文化。

Blue: 48kHz and below

Yellow: Above 48kHz

Green: DSD

*When there is no signal input, the default is blue and blue.前採樣

6. Multiple intelligent protection ~ Enjoy high-quality music

Over-temperature and overload DC three intelligent protection circuits ensure that the K7 continues to output at a high level, allowing you to calmly enjoy a multi-scenario matching experience搭配體驗。

7. Consistent inside and outside ~ Listen to the New Pure World”界

K7 adopts graded independent power supply, and each stage is regulated by low-noise LDO. At the same time, the external independent 12V switching power supply power supply is purer and more powerful. The listening experience is extraordinary.更是非同凡響。

8. Brilliant ~ all kinds of possibilities are at hand

Abundant interfaces are readily available全

K7 is equipped with a USB optical coaxial RCA input interface and a 6.35mm4.4mm output interface. Single-ended balance is supported as always.持,精彩一如既往。

Input switching between one key and one key to control the four-way input signal, when the switching is complete換已就thread

Three kinds of output can be reached at one click, the three-speed output can be reached with the finger lightly, connected to the headphone speaker as a front DAC, everything is handy樣都得心應手。

9. Two levels of gain ~ Comfortable adjustment

Equipped with high/low hardware gain performance, easy to retract and easily cope with headphones with different impedances and different sensitivities, giving you a rich and consistent listening experience聽體驗。

10. Precise Tuning ~ Win Your Heart

Through ADC curve reconstruction, 112-level volume is planned. Say goodbye to left and right channel bias noise. Volume adjustment is more natural and smooth. Real restores every note.音符,無微不至。

11. Quality material selection ~ elegant atmosphere can not be hidden

The whole machine is made of all-aluminum alloy. The body adopts integrated stretching + CNC process. It is lightweight yet strong and elegant. The black body is matched with high-quality gold THX and Hi-Res nameplates.感迎面而來。

12. Lightweight ~ Simple and exquisite

The exquisite design is vividly displayed on the K7. The thickness of the whole machine is only about 55mm. The projection area is smaller than 1/3 of A4 paper. Such a small figure complements modern desktop culture.相得益彰。

13. Show off your skills ~ more than one side

Use a USB cable to connect a computer laptop Connect a mobile phone through a USB-B to Type-C cable Connect a desktop digital player Connect a professional amplifier powered speaker音箱

14. Rich accessories

K7 host*1 power cord*1 power adapter*1USB data cable*1 headphone adapter*quick start*1 after-sales maintenance card*1後維修卡*1

Basic Specifications:

DAC chip AK4493SEQ*2 decoding chip XMOS XUF 208 amp technology Dual THX AAA 788+ output interface 6.35mm/4.4mm input interface USB/OPT/COAX/LINE IN output power 12000mW (32Ω balance/THD+N1%) output power 21220mW (32Ω single-ended/THD+N1%) Signal-to-noise ratio 120dBA-weighted UAC Noise floor PO4.4μV (A-weighted UAC) ;BAL7.7μV (A-weighted UAC) Output impedance 1Ω32Ω Load weight about 610g Dimensions about 120mm168mm55mm重量:約610g 尺寸:約120mm×168mm×55mm

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