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Eletech Ode To Laura headphone upgrade cable

Eletech Ode To Laura headphone upgrade cable

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The birth of Ode To Laura is to shoulder the destiny of inheriting the past and linking the future, using the most advanced and forward-looking wire technology to create industry-leading flagship copper wires. Constructed from the source, three custom-made single crystal copper conductors with different properties are specially developed and configured with a new geometric braiding method to make full use of the space in the wire strands to achieve an unconventional 22AWG extra thick wire diameter, which can be seen from the outside. The four-twist design has the capacity of an eight-twist design inside, bringing wire design into a new realm.

Simplify to Complexity - Quadruple Stranding Design
Copper is one of the most widely used materials in wire production, but the sound of a wire is never determined unilaterally by the conductor. As one of the few brands with the ability to develop conductors, Eletech's material engineers took reference from transmission speed, capacitive reactance, impedance, inductive reactance and other data to develop three unique-sounding single crystal copper conductors for Ode To Laura - α, β, γ.
  • “α”-especially for mid- and high-frequency bands to bring out natural and lively timbre;
  • “Beta” – delivers the pure copper tone found in traditional hi-fi, thick sound with a creamy sheen;
  • "γ" - The two outermost layers of single crystal copper conductors will bring a delicate and smooth texture to the whole.
The conductors are made into four different sizes according to the corresponding frequency bands, and are stranded according to the transmission speed of different frequency bands according to the Eletech Quadruple Stranding Design. Using pure copper as the foundation, it creates a comprehensive and rich sound quality.

Simplify the complex - 9 Core Geometry
Eletech's excellent wire-making technology is always amazing. The wire strands of Quadruple Stranding Design reach the extra thick wire diameter of 22AWG for the first time. Theoretically, the larger the conductor wire diameter, the more information can be transmitted at the same time, which can reduce distortion and enhance Performance of details. Considering the application of wires in personal audio, the brand sought to balance portability and thick wire diameter, and the 9 core Geometry technology came into being.
Eletech uses up to nine groups of wire strands in a single conductor. The four-twist design seen from the outside has accommodated the capacity of the eight-twist design inside, greatly improving the musicality and showing a grand scale. The conductors adopt the brand's latest 9-core Geometry geometric arrangement shape. The golden ratio is used to disperse the strands, which will maximize the use of the space, fully fill the gaps between the strands and the edges, and allow the current to flow evenly. The entire wire effectively reduces the skin effect.

Vintage Boutique-Ode To Laura
The design language of Ode To Laura is composed of three core propositions: "Regalia", "Laures" and "Vintage". A variety of flagship accessories are specially designed for it, paying equal attention to details and practicality, while exuding low-key retro colors.
Y-Split adopts a double-layered stepped complex design. The upper and lower layers can enhance the tactile experience and look more three-dimensional and coherent. The outer frame is designed to imitate the Renaissance architectural style, with dark copper plating that has been finely sandblasted, and the middle layer is decorated with relief to achieve a retro effect and complete the design image.

  • 22 AWG, 4 twist
  • Eletech custom splitters and plugs
  • α, β, γ customized single crystal copper
  • Silver-plated oxygen-free copper shielding mesh
  • Quadruple Stranding Design
  • Independent enameled wire
  • Ultra-low temperature freezing technology
  • FlexiMax Insulation™
  • 9 Strands Litz Wire; Kevlar Filling
  • Geometric weaving combination method
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