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Eletech Enigma|Enigma Headphones Upgrade Cable

Eletech Enigma|Enigma Headphones Upgrade Cable

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【 Exploring the mysterious chapter of the sound abyss - Hong Kong limited edition cable Enigma Mysterious Sound 】
Entering 2024 is a major milestone for Eletech's fifth anniversary. In order to repay Hong Kong users for their continued support and love, the brand and ECT jointly launched the Hong Kong limited edition headphone cable Enigma.gmaMysterious sound),It brings the brand's first headphone upgrade line using Versa's interchangeable headphone pin module. It is based on the past flagship cable Iliad and takes into account the valuable opinions and voices of Hong Kong users.和聲音I like to integrate the iconic geometric braiding method, unique metal material use and exquisite design craftsmanship into the wire.材上。

Enigma(Mysterious sound)It adopts a triple hybrid conductor structure and is specially customized with three top-grade conductors with different characteristics: silver, palladium, silver, gold, and single crystal copper. Among them, Eletech's flagship 9x9 geometric hybrid braiding method is used, and the copper-silver-plated shielding net is added to greatly enhance the sound field. Sound density, separation and extension at both ends provide a quieter music background更寧靜的音樂背景。

EnigmaMysterious sound)The balanced and comprehensive sound characteristics make it easier to match with different types of headphones. It can add moisture to the headphones, provide relaxed and dense sound details, or widen the width of the sound field. It has become a unique limited product of the brand.定作品。

feature of product

「Enigma - Mysterious and charming rhythm律動性
EnigmaMysterious sound)Following the internal structure of the flagship wire and using a geometric combination of 9 litz wires, each set of litz wires is braided by a mixture of 9 silver-plated, palladium-plated, silver-gold-plated and single crystal copper conductors to form a 9x9 geometric structure through four types of gold, silver, copper and palladium. The sound characteristics of metal materials are 屬物料的聲音特性,為 Enigma It brings a comprehensively balanced and very three-dimensional sound, and the density of each wire core is 1.4 times higher than other Eletech wires, and a custom-made insulation material is specially added to ensure that the wire core can be maintained even when the density increases. In addition, the manufacturer also recommends that users burn in the cable for at least 150 hours before using it to achieve the best sound effect.材達至最佳的聲音效果。

​Special shielding technology
The outside of the wire core is covered with a new layer of copper-plated silver shielding net, which can effectively isolate EMF electromagnetic wave radiation and wireless signals, thus improving the current transmission efficiency and signal stability. Compared with ordinary wires, it has better anti-interference ability and restores a purer and low-power Noisy quiet music background. Through the 4.4mm balanced terminal, the 5th pole can be grounded to fully exert the shielding effect.功效盡數發揮出來。

silver palladium plated
「in Enigma的Silver-plated PPS has better mid- and high-frequency extension, providing a textured and expressive mid- and high-frequency region. At the same time, the low-frequency quality has also been improved, bringing a richer and more impactful low-frequency response, adding a sense of mixed energy to the overall tone. and musicality量感和音樂感。

Silver gold plated
「The silver-gold-plated GPS in Enigma brings finer and clearer details to the mid-range band while making the vocals moister and sweeter to achieve a clearer and expressive mid-range extension to enhance fine details and timbre performance.音色表現。

​OCC single crystal copper
「The OCC single crystal copper wire in Enigma brings a mellow and soft tone, while increasing the layering and enveloping feeling of the sound, making the overall atmosphere comfortable and natural.服自然。

Splitter parts
Eletech has always broken the traditional rules in appearance design. The splitter components are designed with wires and cleverly use geometric shapes and are embellished with rune elements. The logo is engraved through precision laser engraving technology, and the shell is made of high-grade matte black and gun gold. The overall visual appeal of the coating and its contemporary aesthetic allow Enigma to demonstrate its unique design language and functionality.計語言和功能性。

​Aluminum alloy shell parts
The casings of the cable components are made of chromium-plated aluminum alloy. Its seamless structural integrity can effectively suppress EMF and electromagnetic field radiation. Suppress noise floor. The splitter and source plug components have been precisely calculated and developed, taking into account not only the tensile strength of the wire but also the noise floor. Taking into account both ergonomics and aesthetics, Eletech's logo is engraved using high-precision laser equipment, demonstrating the extremely fine workmanship.精細無比的造工。

Versa interchangeable headphone pin module組
Since 2021, Eletech has been determined to revolutionize the entire design of the headphone system, aiming to develop a replaceable headphone plug module that integrates stability, convenience and flexibility, allowing users to easily replace IEM plugs anytime and anywhere.M 插頭。

Versa provides a flexible and diverse cable replacement option to provide users with a customized music experience while redefining the seamless combination of convenience, flexibility and precision for the industry.無縫結合。

iconic design language
Eletech retains its signature geometric design language and meticulously crafted the Versa through precision CNC machining, ensuring every detail is consistent with the brand's commitment to excellence. This patented design not only provides superior functionality when connected to any pair of IEMs. Provide integrated design aesthetics for the whole體化的設計美學。

Redefining convenience
Versa redefines the convenience and versatility of earphones. Through Eletech's meticulous engineering design, users can switch between 2Pin and MMCX plugs anytime and anywhere without the need for additional tools. In addition, the plugs are specially protected. Cover secures socket and pin connections to eliminate risk of accidental disconnection and loosening開和鬆脫的風險。

Special fool-proof design
Versa is connected with a two-pin plug inside the pin and has a fool-proof design to ensure 確保 2Pin The positive and negative poles of the MMCX plug can be connected correctly to avoid the chance of incorrect connection leading to out-of-phase sound. The native polarity of the two-pin connection is used to achieve truly balanced signal transmission without compromising sound quality.聲音品質。

Strengthen the headphone pins
Eletech's Versa redefines precision in audio connections with its patented internal dual-pin connection. These pins are thoughtfully designed to be thicker and provide a wider signal contact area, which not only enhances conductivity between components to maximize Maximize current transmission efficiency while reducing the chance of signal loss訊號流失的機會。

Double conductivity transmission efficiency
Versa relies on its top-grade copper-gold-plated pins on the market to more effectively transmit current signals, providing excellent electrical conductivity and helping to reduce resistance at the connection to ensure the quality of the sound signal, resulting in purer and clearer sound details.晰的聲音細節。

The material also has better wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It can withstand more connections and disconnections during the plugging and unplugging process. It can also protect the pins from moisture and other environmental factors, thus providing a longer service life.使用壽命。

sound orientation
Enigma can improve the overall sense of space of the headset and expand the vertical and horizontal depth of the sound field. Especially in the mid-high frequency and mid-frequency, the depth elasticity and sound extension can be improved, and the performance of dynamics and separation can be strengthened. It can not only show the flexibility of music. The sense of rhythm can highlight the weak sound details missing in headphones的弱音細節。With its excellent shielding ability and excellent conduction ability, Enigma has the top performance of flagship cables in terms of background quietness and sound restoration.現。

The overall timbre maintains the three-band quality and pursues the three-dimensional sense of the sound field. It enhances the dynamics and layering of the headphone sound, making the sound imaging and lines more distinct and detailed while improving the background tranquility.背景寧靜度。

22 AWG, 4 strands

Three custom top-grade hybrid conductor designs: silver plated, palladium plated, silver plated, gold plated and monocrystalline copper晶銅)

Extremely high core count hybrid 9x9 Litz braid

Copper silver-plated shielding mesh

Eletech custom splitters and plugs

Versa interchangeable headphone pin module組

Independent enameled wire design

Eletech custom solder skin

Plug select the headphone end端)
CIEM 2pin & MMCX

Plug selection source end端)

How to replace the Versa interchangeable headphone pin module組

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