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Eletech Cavalry limited edition antelope leather storage box

Eletech Cavalry limited edition antelope leather storage box

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【 Limited Edition Cavalry Antelope Skin Storage Box 盒 】
Eletech, a well-known wire brand in Singapore, grandly launches a limited edition handmade genuine leather storage box Cavalry on the occasion of the brand’s fifth anniversary. Only 150 sets are available worldwide. The launch of this limited edition storage box aims to celebrate the brand’s outstanding achievements and continuous pursuit of excellence since its establishment.卓越的精神。

feature of product

Cavalry specially selected the rare and high-grade African eland Kudu leather as its material. Kudu leather is famous for its excellent durability and softness and is only obtained through strict sustainable hunting methods. This makes its supply extremely limited and has become a luxury and high-end product. The preferred choice of fashion brands牌的偏愛選擇。

This kind of leather not only has a natural rough beauty visually, its rich texture and original wild beauty make every Kudu leather product unique. Its softness and luxury feel provide users with a warm and comfortable experience. The carefully processed Kudu leather texture is extremely delicate, showing its best texture and appearance.佳的質感和外觀。

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