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Eletech Azrael Dark Angel

Eletech Azrael Dark Angel

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Ultra-high purity OCC copper conductor structure

As a new generation of Virtues series, Dark Angel not only inherits the high analytical power and warm and natural sound characteristics of the previous generation Fortitude, but also improves on the new 25.5AWG wire diameter ultra-high purity single crystal copper conductor structure. Copper wire contains less impurities and oxygen than ordinary copper wire, and can transmit signals better, making the sound image more distinct and the layering richer.

Gentle, charming, flexible and versatile

Azrael retains the natural, warm and pure sound characteristics of the previous generation Fortitude. Compared with the previous generation, the sound imaging is clearer and the layering is richer. It also has a warm and delicate vocal performance, which can be felt especially when listening to female vocal music. The unique sweet and mellow voice has a stronger sense of music in the overall style, while retaining the unique charm of warmth and smoothness. Azrael's three-band balanced sound characteristics also have a good effect when paired with multi-action iron or hoop earphones.

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