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DD Hifi DJ44S M1 & DJ44S MAX (for SONY)

DD Hifi DJ44S M1 & DJ44S MAX (for SONY)

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【Ground Upgrade ~ DD Hifi DJ44S M1 & DJ44S MAX】

All-in-one special plane

Pure Copper Plated 24K Gold + DD hifi 4.4 Socket ~ Regular Version (Black)

1. DJ44S M1 (for SONY NW-WM1ANW-WM1Z) HK$8988

2. DJ44S MAX (for SONY NW-WM1AM2NW-WM1ZM2) HK$99898

24K Gold Plated Pure Copper (Thick Gold) + Pentaconn ~ Upgraded Version (Gold)

3. DJ44S M1 (for SONY NW-WM1ANW-WM1Z) HK$119898

4. DJ44S MAX (for SONY NW-WM1AM2NW-WM1ZM2) HK$139898

Does not change the direction of the original sound

For soldering, use bold type single crystal copper connecting wire lead-free and gold-containing solder**。

*Solder brand MUNDORF: Sn88.6%, Cu1.8%, Ag9.5%, Au0.1%.

1. Why is the 4.4 socket of SONY player not grounded??

The conventional headphone cable has only four lines of R+ R- L+ L- without using the ground wire of the 4.4 plug. On the other hand, the 4.4 headphone socket may be grounded and there may be an impact sound when unplugging and plugging. Maybe for this reason, the Sony player does not solder the ground wire of the 4.4 socket.4插座的地線。

2. Why does the sound improve after grounding??

There is a prerequisite that the 4.4 headphone cable used must be a SONY player with a mask layer and a normal ground, especially the shells of NW-WM1Z and NW-WM1ZM2 are made of oxygen-free copper gold-plated material. This material is of high purity and conductive. The strong performance can play a good grounding shield effect. After the 4.4 headphone cable with the shield is connected, the shell shield of the player and the shield of the headphone cable are connected to better prevent the influence of external electrostatic induction or electromagnetic induction.或電磁感應的影響。

Integrated grounding design is reliable and safe安全

The shell of the SONY player and the ground wire of the 3.5 socket are connected. The DJ44S ground pin is much shorter than the 3.5mm headphone plug, which ensures normal grounding and prevents damage to the socket due to unbalanced force* unbalanced force It means that the angle is inclined towards one side and the force is too large when inserting or pulling out the adapter. Because the 3.5mm headphone socket is a plastic shell, it is very likely to damage the socket in this case.很有可能損壞插座。


DJ44S M1 (Black)/ DJ44S MAX (Black)/ DJ44S M1 (Gold)/ DJ44S MAX (Gold)

Dedicated to: NW-WM1A/ NW-WM1AM2/ NW-WM1Z/ NW-WM1ZM2

Housing 6063 Aluminium Alloy (Black) / 6063 Aluminium Alloy (Gold))

Internal Connection Wire 25.5 AWG 6N Single Crystal Copper Ground Pin Pure Copper Plating 24K Gold/Pure Copper Plating 24K Gold (Thick Gold)金)

4.4 Socket: DD hifi/ Pentaconn Solder 96.5%, Copper 0.5%, Silver 3.0%/ Tin 88.6%, Copper 1.8%, Silver 9.5%, Gold 0.1%..

Weight: 34g/ 37g/ 35g/ 38g Dimensions (without plug) 69.51720 (mm)/ 78.51720 (mm)/ 69.51720 (mm)/ 78.51720 (mm)7×20 (mm)

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