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Cayin RU7 portable decoding ear amplifier

Cayin RU7 portable decoding ear amplifier

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RU7 uses the same 1Bit decoding architecture as the N7. Although corresponding compromises have been made due to size, the hardware design is still eye-catching: a discrete 1Bit balanced decoding circuit composed of 128 high-precision resistors, and through All to DSD digital conversion This method processes signals and supports audio files and streaming media up to DSD256 and PCM384kHz. The power amplifier circuit works in parallel, and is equipped with a mixed volume control of software and hardware to provide users with fine volume adjustment and stable output power.

Different from the small tails of the same period, RU7 has redesigned the internal motherboard structure specifically to deal with electromagnetic interference. It uses two six-layer circuit boards to separate the signal conversion and amplification circuits to achieve purer audio transmission. The complete and mature hardware design also makes the Line Out function possible.

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Fully Differential True Balanced 1 Bit DAC Architecture
The DAC consists of 128 0.1% precision thin film resistors with an accuracy of 25ppm, forming four channels of fully differential balanced digital and analog signal conversion. At the same time, it undergoes third-order active filtering and is converted to single-ended signal transmission, and then converted to inverse signal after passing through the hardware volume. Phase balanced drive.

Bi-amp parallel four-channel architecture
The power amplifier circuit driver works in parallel, and the driving force is greatly enhanced. The single-ended output power reaches 160mW, and the balanced output power reaches 400mW.

DSD64/128/256 personalized listening
The front-end digital signal is processed in the All to DSD method, and three modes of DSD64 / DSD128 / DSD 256 are added to fine-tune the sound characteristics.

Dual motherboard discrete architecture
In a limited space, the digital signal processing and digital-to-analog conversion amplification circuits are separated through two 6-layer PCBs to achieve cleaner audio transmission.

Hardware and software mixed volume control
RU7 adopts a three-stage hardware volume design. 1-49 is the first stage, 50-79 is the second stage, and 80-100 is the third stage. The hardware volume combined with the digital volume provides a more precise and detailed volume adjustment range to meet different needs. Sensitivity and characteristics of headphones.

Various input and output functions
Supports iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, Android, and Windows systems, and also adds the Line Out function for the first time to unleash the huge potential of 1Bit decoding.
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