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Campfire Audio

Campfire Fathom in-ear headphones

Campfire Fathom in-ear headphones

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From the vast universe to the source of life
Build a campfire and count the stars in the past. Campfire Audio is named after the starry sky and has brought many fascinating headphone works to music lovers. After the brand explored the vast galaxy, it returned to the source of life - the sea, which was created with a six-moving iron configuration. The new work Fathom lets users explore the endless ocean of music together窮無盡的音樂大海!

Essentials for exploring Sennheiser必備
The world of music is like a vast ocean, full of endless changes. To explore every subtle sound, you must have more sophisticated tools. Hence, Fathom (fathom) was born as a unit for measuring the depth of the ocean. One fathom is equal to six feet. Therefore In the unit configuration of Fathom, Campfire Audio also uses two customized ultra-high frequency moving irons and two moving irons developed by the famous medical grade manufacturer Sonion, and cooperates with two dual-chamber moving irons to accurately distribute the three frequencies.腔室動鐵,將三頻精準分配。

alsoCampfire Audio also adds acoustic damping to the front end of the two moving irons responsible for mid-low frequencies.尼to controlResonance during unit operationReduce distortion while also adding Solid-Body technology術Control different frequencies to reach the earstime differenceSo that every sound detail can be restored to a higher degree, allowing Fathom to go deep into the music world with you.大oceanExplore every sonic detail。

A tuning style that values ​​balance
With the cooperation of six moving iron units,Fathom has a frequency response range of 5Hz to 20KHzAnd two of themA customized UHF moving ironIt can also bring a deeper and wider sound field to Fathom.場At the same time, it further strengthens the high frequencyextend。

With two moving irons developed by the famous medical-grade unit manufacturer Sonion, the manufacturer's professional knowledge and product quality can be used to achieve sufficient imaging of vocal and musical instrument details. The two dual-chamber moving irons responsible for low frequencies have two Therefore, each chamber can exert greater performance than ordinary moving irons, providing users with more layered low frequencies, clear and delicate vocals and instrument details, and making the overall tuning style more even.整體調音風格更平均。

Metal casing handed down from generation to generation
Since the establishment of the brandMetal casing has always been Campfire One of Audio’s brand features that has been passed down from generation to generation is design and material.物Materials varyBut almost every generation of Campfire AudioThe headphones all have metal elements and Fathom uses an aluminum casing.殼designAnd the endless deep sea is carved out with a deep black coating。

In addition, the PVD coating on the MMCX interface and locking ring not only brings extremely high contrast to the headphones, but the PVD color of each pair of Fathoms is also different, giving users a unique sense of nobility.尊貴感。

Connecting past and present
To connect to the source of life, in addition to incisive tools for exploration, the matching of wires is also extremely important. For this reason, Campfire Audio equipped Fathom with a Time Stream wire based on silver-plated copper. The conductor properties of this wire can enhance the space of the headphones. The sense and sound thickness allow every detail of the music ocean to be perfectly performed可以完美演繹。

Fathom is equipped with Time Stream cable and is available in 3.5mm and 4.4mm options.擇。

Elegant accessories
Fathom is also equipped with a leather magnetic buckle storage bag made of Portugal’s top handmade leather.At the same time, there are also shoulder bags and earphone storage bags sewn with extra thick nylon mesh.,CanAllows users to store players and headphones for use。

product specifications

shell: Anodized aluminum housing

Headphone unit:
Customized UHF moving iron*2 (UHF high frequency))
Customized Sonion moving iron*2 (medium frequency)
Customized dual-chamber moving iron*2 (low frequency)

Frequency response range: 5Hz 20kHzz

Impedance: 11.7Ohms @ 1kHz

Sensitivity: 94 dB @ 1 kHz: 6.75 mVrms

Wire: Time Stream wire (silver-plated copper wire base)

Headphone terminal: MMCX

Player terminal: 3.5mm/4.4mm
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