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Bose Surround Speakers

Bose Surround Speakers

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Bose Surround Speakers 無線環繞聲揚聲器

Small speakers, powerful surround sound

You want to hear powerful car chases and blasting effects You want to savor guitar solos and intoxicating movements You want to be in the middle of an action scene Bose Surround Speakers can do it just for you。專為配合 Bose Smart SoundbarDesigned for use, this small rear surround speaker delivers lifelike sound to add powerful sound to your movies, sports and TV shows大音效。

Bose Surround Speakers wireless surround speakers are less than 4 inches in height, not only easy to place, but also realistic and shocking逼真震撼。

Easy Setup

Add these surround speakers to your soundbar speakers for a more immersive cinema experience. The setup is simple. The speakers come with two wireless receivers for easy connection to the soundbar speakers. Once you connect wirelessly, you can enjoy a more powerful soundbar. speaker performancer 揚聲器效能。

安裝於牆上的 Bose Surround Speakers 無線環繞聲揚聲器
Bose Bass Module 500 無線低音箱及 Bose Bass Module 700 無線低音箱

complete system

Need other compact options to make the AV even more powerful? Add a subwoofer such as,例如 Bose Bass Module 500 Wireless Subwooferor Bose Bass Module 700 Wireless Subwoofer,Create a complete sound system that delivers powerful sound Both subwoofers have up to 30 feet of wireless coverage to blend in perfectly with any room That's the difference between hearing the bass and feeling the bass的差別。

Bose Surround Speakers Wireless Surround Speakers Compatible:

Bose Smart Home Entertainment Speaker 900

Bose Smart Home Entertainment Speaker 300

Bose Smart Home Entertainment Speaker 700

Bose Soundbar 500 Home Entertainment Speakers

Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar

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