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FAudio Scale Loop Iron Headphones

FAudio Scale Loop Iron Headphones

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[Round Iron Upstart] FAudio Scale Ring Iron Headphones

● A Triumph Return‧ An introductory work with extremely high CP value ●
After we tried our best to win the factory, we finally succeeded in winning FAudio's triumphant homework Scale back to Hong Kong for major headphone users, and the number is quite limited, don't miss it.
Scale, as FAudio's first limited crowdfunding model in Japan, has finally landed in Hong Kong. It was previously listed on the crowdfunding website Booster and achieved four times the original target of 10,000,000 yen in just one day. Following on from Project Y and Chorus's another masterpiece, Scale is an entry-level model, but its design and effects are definitely far beyond entry-level. It is a very cost-effective headset.

● Unleash Potential – True Crossover Technology (TCT) ●
In terms of unit structure, Scale adopts a ring-iron hybrid design, with an 8mm moving coil and a full-frequency moving iron unit. Combined with its own patented technology True Crossover Technology (TCT), the performance of the two units is improved and maximized .

● 3D printing body + custom design ●
In appearance, the fuselage is made of 3D printing, and it is also custom-designed to enhance the wearing feeling and make the earphones more close to the ear. In particular, the more popular custom panel is used as the panel of the Scale.

● Complete experience with complete accessories ●
In addition, the accessories are quite complete. First, the silver-plated Litz Cable is used on the headphone cable, combined with a special beryllium copper-plated two-pin plug, and a series of ear gel ear cotton accessories, including FA Foam ear cotton 1 set, FA Vocal 3 sets of ear gels and 3 sets of FA Instrument ear gels must provide users with the most comprehensive music experience.

Detailed specifications:
Number of units:two units
Unit combination:8mm moving coil x 1 + full frequency moving iron x 1
Frequency response:15Hz~20KHz
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