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Toxic Cable Medusa

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- 17AWG Thick Wire Diameter, Type 6 Litz Structure, Golden Ratio

- OCC gold-silver alloy wire + each core mixed 26AWG silver gold-plated wire

- All cores/pins are Cryo frozen

Medusa, one of the two new flagships released by Toxic in early 2018, Medusa is a new wire developed by combining Toxic's years of experience in wire, you can see imitations that look similar in the market, but the conductor and structure are completely different, it is a 17 AWG Type 6 Litz structure, mainly gold-silver alloy conductors and mixed with 26AWG sterling silver gold-plated conductors with a golden ratio. IEM headphones are recommended to use 2 twists. It has become one of the most popular wires since its release. Toxic's special coating makes the wire body softer and more convenient. For outdoor use, both 2Pin pins and mmcx conductors are gold-plated with antimony copper and cooled.

Medusa is a wire with excellent harmony and three-frequency balance. It maintains the metamorphic details of SW22, with appropriate low frequency and shallow, mid-frequency vocals that are not prominent, subtle beauty, and clear and textured high-frequency extension, delicate, in a variety of All types of music have great interpretations, especially symphonic, classical and large-scale music. It can be said that it is an upgraded version of SW22. It is a chronic poison and will definitely fall in love after listening for a long time.