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SPEAR Labs Triton Infinity (first pair of alloy hand-cast CM headphones)

SPEAR Labs Triton Infinity (first pair of alloy hand-cast CM headphones)

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The ultimate in earphone craftsmanship‼️‼️
SPEAR Labs' latest Triton Infinity is the world's first pair of alloy hand-forged CM earphones機🔥
The CM earphones themselves have taken more time to make than the Universal earphones and the Triton Infinity is designed with a left all-alloy metal.要係👋U.S.🇺🇸Hand casting👋It takes more time to make CM headphones than ordinary plastic 3D printed CM headphones, and the cost of manufacturing is even more difficult.唔洗講🤯🤯
Triton Infinity has a monthly limit of 10 due to production time個‼️
Zhong Yaochen🔥🔥For the first pre-order users, we will give you an extra $3000 when you wash and purchase our Soundwave Audio Limited brand PE plug headphone cable to enjoy up to $3,000 discount on upgraded headphone cables優惠🔥🔥Also available for panel options💪
🔥🔥SPEAR Labs Triton Infinity Special🔥🔥
👉 The world's first hand-cast alloy CM earphones
👉 Made of Trillium alloy fused with titanium beryllium aluminum合而成
👉 Coated with a layer of CARC Carbon Ceramic carbon ceramic coating is not easy to peel off and has military grade hardness數
👉 New and improved 7mm ACT Magneto-Static unit with reconfigured 5-layer sandwich-type diaphragm 10mm dynamic unit and 2 custom brake units for easier drive驅動
👉 With CARC925 silver 18K gold panel, users can customize 2 English letters or numbers on one side或數字

Terms and Conditions
1. The pre-order discount is only applicable to the purchased headphone cable or Triton Infinity's upgraded panel option. The maximum discount amount is $3,000 or the free exchange of a cable below $3,000材一條。
2. The discount cannot be exchanged for cash。
3. Designated upgrade line brands include Brise AudioAcoustunePentaconnORBORB。
4. The offer can only be redeemed once and purchased at the same designated authorized dealer while the quota is limited即止。
5. In case of any disputes, Soundwave Audio Limited reserves the right of final decision權。

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