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Sennheiser hd 660s headphones

Sennheiser hd 660s headphones

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HD 660 S The perfect combination of power and control. The HD 660 S is a powerful open-back headphone with rich functionality that allows you to experience every musical detail.音樂細節。

feature of product
Seamlessly integrates with your music
The predecessors of the HD 660S, the HD 650 and HD 600, broke through the standards of audiophile headphones with their charming appearance and smooth sound field response. They are loved by users. The HD 660S inherits and surpasses its excellent genes to bring supernatural speed and effortless instrument reproduction. Performance is equally outstanding even at both ends of the frequency spectrum. Utilizing a new dynamic diaphragm and specially ventilated driver unit, the HD 660S does not disappoint audiophiles. The sound field details are faithfully reproduced without losing any of the charming dynamics that make music sound great.音樂動聽的迷人動力。

Taking our ears as the first level
It only takes one listen and you'll understand what's special about the HD 660S, and after thousands of playbacks it becomes even more apparent that it was designed with the original intention in mind. What you hear every time is open-back earcups and a new dynamic coil designed specifically for the modern audiophile. The result of the mutual matching of the diaphragms, its rapid response ability is extremely suitable for reproducing recordings with extremely wide frequencies. Because it uses an aluminum voice coil, its 38mm diaphragm can also maintain sensitivity in handling ultra-fast impacts with complete fidelity. The appropriate characteristics liberate the ability to accurately convey tones and spatial characteristics.調與空間特性的能力。

Net everything
The steel mesh structure on the HD 660S driver unit is an interesting design and is impressive in terms of performance. It completes the driver's functionality and provides consistent ventilation control to reduce oscillations and therefore the transmission of the dynamic diaphragm. Quite pure, allowing the music itself to strike a perfect balance between completeness and expressiveness. Shine out the sound. The steel construction allows for tighter production tolerances, thus bringing amazingly consistent characteristics to every HD 660S that leaves the factory. Combined with open The sound emitted by each dynamic diaphragm behind the earmuffs can run completely freely, just like the pattern in the natural environment.奔馳,一如自然環境中的型態。

A spark of performance and versatility
Today's audiophiles have more choices than ever before. The HD 660S has been optimized to be used with a variety of equipment to meet the output power needs of various expansion line devices. The HD 660S reduces the impedance to 150 ohms and is a dedicated amplifier for audio and video receivers and similar audio. The best tool for the interface. Its magnetism is more powerful than its predecessor, so it is easier to drive no matter how your settings change.改變,都更容易驅動。

Carefully tuned
Each pair of HD 660S headphones has been paired with left and right transducers before leaving the factory in Ireland. We do not easily tolerate errors and use automated assembly processes to ensure that the experience of all HD 660S headphones around the world is consistent. We use thoughtful and lightweight design during the design process. A large amount of material is hidden in the acoustic system without compromising the durability required for daily, all-weather use. Good sound keeps coming. We hope that every time you connect with it is a soft, luxurious and long-lasting experience.和、奢華而持久的體驗。

All for better connections
The HD 660S ships from the factory with a series of versatile basic cables. Each cable is impedance-matched and features ultra-low capacitance. The ¼-inch/6.3 mm stereo connector provides an audiophile-grade plug for connection to headphone amplifiers, AV receivers, digital audio players, and computers. The 4.4 mm balanced connector can be used to connect to the next generation of balanced output devices, headphone amplifiers, digital audio players and more, taking advantage of the exceptional stability of this compact plug when connecting balanced headphone devices to balanced sources/ The amplified circuit output provides a lower noise floor over a larger dynamic range. Music lovers can experience a wider soundstage, tightly controlled transient changes and ultra-clear instrumental separation. Each cable is up to 9.8 feet long. 3 meters can meet the needs of unobstructed listening in different places such as recording studios or desktops. It also comes with a flexible adapter for users to switch between 6.3 mm and 3.5 mm. You can also purchase the CH 650 S balanced cable for easy connection if needed. 4-pin XLR plug50 S 平衡線,便於連接到 4 針腳 XLR 插頭。

wearing method

Frequency response
9 41,500 Hzz

sound pressure level

THD total harmonic distortion真
< 0.04%

Contact pressure
6.0 N 1 NN


Line length

Conversion principle
Dynamic open

Nominal impedance

Weight does not include headphone cable線)
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